Friday, February 5, 2010

Friends Make The World Go Round

February 4, 2010:

Its 9:something in the morning, and I got a text from Lainey to get my lazy ass out of bed. Though the text was more informative, rather than threatening. Apparently, Lainey doesn't need to sleep, needing only kittens and sarcasm in place of food and rest. I cleverly hid the fact that I was only technically conscious by sending this genius text back to her:

"M up now. Whn u want meet?"


Honestly, that was one of the worst texts I've ever sent. And I've drunk-texted, folks. To people that had done nothing to deserve that freak show. Perhaps I shouldn't pull the curtain back from all my diabolical secrets, but drunk-texting is fun because its the only time I don't give a damn about grammar and punctuation. Proper sentence structure can suck it. Though I'm only a English class rebel when the whiskey flows freely.

Moving on.

Lainey had a mission today. She wanted to get Hemlock a little frame painted for him. It was at this place called "Color Me Mine" in Long Beach. Interesting store just nestled between the Shore House and a coffee shop, I think. The kind of store that looks like some one's retirement business. Like they retired from being a high-powered who's-it, and can finally focus on their life's passion: Painting pottery. I'm not mocking the store in the least. Its actually very tidy and inviting.

Lainey's scheme involved putting a dab of paint on Hemlock's paw. Yeah, paint on a hyper-active, nervous kitten. Easy. It became apparent why my presence was needed. I was the muscle. Lainey was the brains. And the kitten was very indignant. We finished up and headed back to her house to watch Spaced, eat Del Taco, talk, and pet Hemlock. I eventually got rolling, leaving Lainey to painting, and Hemi to napping.

For the next few hours I made plans with Mike, Colin, and The Anime Club Alumni to have dinner at Colin's home. It wasn't going down till around 7:00, so I headed home and I would like to say I was productive, but mostly I slept. I woke up already late for the party by 15 minutes or so and headed over to Colin's. It worked out either way. The food hadn't been procured nor cooked yet. I ended up getting some drinks and, for hell-if-I-know reasons, bought Twinkies and Sno-balls. I'm under the impression that Zombieland inspired me to do so. That's good, Nathan, blame the movie.

We made CostCo steak and salad. I also made a contribution of meh garlic bread from Food 4 Less. The garlic bread... well, it tasted like it was from Food 4 Less. Take that as you wish. But what is important is that I do not underscore the sheer deliciousness of rest of the food. The steak was marinated with a delicious sauce, and cooked perfectly. The meal was so good that Mike broke into giggles after saying "I'm so happy" at least four times. One more bite and one more Fresca, and I wasn't very far behind him.

I mean, really, what's better than good food and good friends? Not much.

Topics of Conversation @ Colin's: Renting costs at the Block, never looking up when you hear birds, Blue Barry Flash, prepping cast iron skillets, Kevin Smith, Swap Meets, when "the Look" is actually a signal for beer, dead men's bed frames, false Victor Cambas, visible heart beats, murder for matresses, nuts, etc.

We ended the night with a viewing of Wet Hot American Summer. This movie is pretty funny, but can get really random at times. I've already seen this movie twice before, but I didn't mind checking it out again. If you want a movie that is quirky and has a sketch comedy energy to it, then pop this little DVD in and get ready to watch Bradley Cooper like you've never seen him before, a talking can of vegetables, and a man hump a refrigerator. Its THAT kind of movie.

We called it a night, and I'm already chomping at the bit for another night like this.


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