Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FBI Warning

Twiddling my thumbs and shaking my head as I send out resume after resume into the void that is the job application process. I've never been one to have a great memory when it comes to addresses and phone numbers. Especially concerning jobs I had years ago. My reference sections always seem thin on information, and I have no doubt that very few employers are liking the part of the section where I state that I am still currently employed at my job in Norwalk.

So this morning was spent looking for, and applying to, various jobs in the restaurant, customer service, film, non-profit, for-profit, my-profit, etc., etc. fields. I was pretty bored with my own resume at this point, and ready to go to the sweet occupation I already have. Thank you, City of Norwalk, for employing my nearly-depressed butt. But as I was still on my computer, wasting other people's time on facebook, I noticed that little ad on the side bar about the FBI hiring.

What? Really? Can I be Mulder? What about Scully?

There was a time in High School that I honestly considered being an FBI agent. Special Agent Nathan Schulz. That doesn't sound awful, right? And I had watched enough X-Files to think that I might even have a shot getting the weird cases. Cuz, I'll be honest... I ain't into going undercover, or busting people on weed rings, or the awful things that are out there. I was down for two possible assignments:

1. The X-Files (or any equivalent). I would love to get involved in the weird cases. I'm not concerned with other FBI Agents thinking I'm cool or someone they want to drag along on some cocaine bust. No thanks. I want the unsolved/strange case of "The Reptile Man of Santa Barbara" or "Weather Balloon Crash of '88." That would be awesome.

2. The FBI Warning Agent. I wanted to be the agent that is directly involved with whoever has to deal with this. Not as a career, or anything. Just to say I was one of the Agents that you were warned about in the beginning of every movie I had ever seen. That would be funny, and would have to offer up at least one awesome story.

At Norwalk, we had to shoot a Council meeting. And for those that are fans of continuity and re-occurring characters, Sam Darling was there. No crazy long night this time, but just a pleasant reminder of a ridiculous night. But after the shoot, I had a fun talk with co-workers Mike and Karmin.

Topics of Conversation @ Norwalk: Tuxedo T-shirts, tattoos, Sam Darling, In-N-Out flirting, thumb caressing, moving out, Peace-Love-Death Metal, Star Wars clips, fake heads, fat flying, Buddy Holly, The Whitest Kids U Know, dancing like muppets and Peanuts characters, pausing in thought, awkward pantomiming, etc.

New Comics tomorrow! Commence happy jig.


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