Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Olde World Authentic Twittering

I’ve been on Twitter for a bit. Its not something I go out of my way to mention, because honestly, haven’t you heard enough from me on the web as is? I mean, you’re reading this blog, so you might be one of the few that can’t get enough of my weird thoughts on life and stuff and all the things in between. You might actually look forward to this little daily exercise of words I’ve thrust upon myself.

God help you. :-D

Anyways, I kind of just realized that I don’t receive any notifications from twitter. Which is mostly the way I want it, but I’ve come to enjoy some of the twitter feeds that I’m signed up to. And I would like to twitter in the authentic capacity. From my phone. So I recently but my number on twitter, and will receive updates from a select number of feeds. If this fills up my inbox too fast, then I will change it if I have to, but for now this is a fun little experiment.

I better not start getting too much spam. Grrr…

With the invention of blogs, twittering, and the myriad of other ways to communicate instantly, I can’t help but wonder if humans were always this gabby. Did we just never have an outlet before? Would we have gotten just as many tweets if it was possible to do so in 1780? Or 1882? Or 1943?

These are random years I’m throwing out, but picture Benjamin Franklin on a cell phone, twittering “Gonna fly a kite with a key on it for lols. OMG its fukin rainy!”

Or Albert Einstein writing a blog about how much he friggin’ hates math? Or a status update about how crazy a Project in Manhattan is getting?

Have we gotten more impractical and talkative in these recent decades, or was it just more quiet because there was no way to express one’s self in decades and centuries past? And now that blogs and tweets DO exist, will our grandchildren and great grandchildren look upon them as if they were etchings in stone? Anyways, my brain wanders…

Patrick wanted to meet up today, but I had so many things going on, that it just didn’t happen. Hopefully I can get a hold of him later and figure out a better day. I ran around to figure out ways to stretch out my finances till Friday, and went to Cypress College to pay for some side fees that my BOGG waiver doesn’t cover.

I had almost forgotten about the remnants of a scholarship I had received way the heck back in High School. I had been slowly picking it apart over the years, but I still had a few hundred dollars in it to use for the parking pass and Health fee. I found myself quietly pumped to get back into school. I knew that the only thing that had held me back before was my mindset, which was negative to say the least.

But this time around…? I’m ready to learn and surpass my own expectations.

I headed to Norwalk. It turned out I was in for a quiet evening this Wednesday, but tomorrow morning I would have to shoot coverage for a string of artist interviews. What they’re for, I do not know. But I’m happy to have some work tomorrow, on top of the work I have Friday night!

Topics of Conversation: The Story, koalas, Mary Elizabeth Winestead, nails, This American Life, audio coverage, hanging out with cats, E3, school money, dogs eating peanut butter, cheap noodles, etc.



Karmin said...

Hahahaha! I literally LOL-ed when i read your ben franklin tweet scenario! Hilarious!

And just to put in my 2 cents...i think we've always been chatty, its just way more convenient nowadays. I've always thought it would be cool to write letters to someone...i tried once, but i quickly found letter writing only works when you get a response...emo girl...

Mike "Tree Trunk" Persi said...

I must concur with Karmin, I had to put down my coffee so that i could laugh at the Ben Franklin "tweet". I have done much pondering on this very topic. I think the ability to gab without restraint is multiplying the amount of gab that some people dish out. Its like the tree falling in the forest. does it make a sound? well now that the fkn tree is on fkn twitter everyone in the fkn world can know that it indeed makes a sound, and that sound is fkn irritating.