Thursday, November 4, 2010

Double the WTF

I woke up feeling as though it would be great if I didn’t have to wake up. Too bad I had Honors English to deal with, plus a Geology lab test, and on top of that, I needed to work on Divergence magazine for Cypress College. More work than I am in the mood to deal with, but such is life.

In Honors English, we watched some of Frankenstein, starring Robert deNiro and Kennth Brannagh. The movie gets a little over the top at times, but still looks stylish as all heck. The Geo lab test was in carbon dating and earthquakes, and I didn’t do too bad, though I was having trouble remembering how to figure out epicenters of quakes.

I went to Comics Unlimited to pick up the latest issue of Invincible (#75). It was a double-sized issue packed with double-paged splash pages and double the action and “WTF?!” factor. Double all that and then double it again. THAT’S how good this issue was. If you haven’t been reading this comic series, its about time you got to getting it.

I headed back to Cypress to work on the Divergence magazine. Some stuff was getting done, but a lot of people had to cut out early, to the point that the magazine just wasn’t going to be finished in time. In stead, we had some pizza and talked about being tired all the time. Our youth and golden years were being used up with abandon. Aw, the wallowing was good and plenty tonight.

Topics of Conversation: Quaking, weed ice cream, fist bump, contests, weekends of endless weakness, pizza ad noseum, the Indiana Jones theme in strange places, Popeye’s chicken is evil, driving too damn far, bullies, standing on one foot, etc.


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