Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holy Bat Saturation!

So math was there.

Afterwords, I met up with Aaron and Mike. We had lunch, and then I went with Aaron to Comics Unlimited. Lainey and Mark were at the shop, and it was cool to catch up, though I didn't talk to Mark as much, which I feel bad about.

Batman Inc. (#01) was out, as was Batman: The Return. Actually, come to think of it, the stands have been really Batman heavy as of late. From Batman & Robin, Batgirl, Batman Beyond, Batman, Red Robin, Birds of Prey, Catwoman, Red Hood, Batwoman......

Damn. That's a lot of Bat. Are they trying to keep up with X-Men?

After the shop, I dropped off Aaron, and then headed to work, which was quiet, except that it was going to ramp up in the next few weeks.

Crap. I have to finish Dracula tonight. I might end up just passing out.

Topics of Conversation: Happy to see you, ugly superhero, black box baby, a lot of Avengers, Pac Rats, ocean blue, use of the bathroom, SB, perspective, Girls Generation, Darth Vader tattoo, nom nom its prey, LA molestation, etc.


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