Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Exercise in Avoiding Endless Distractions

Today was mostly devoted to homework, studying, breakfast and lunch with the family, and episode three of The Walking Dead.

All the school related stuff was dealt with at home where I was sufficiently locked away from the world lest I make the poor choice of trying to let myself be distracted. Its amazing how paint suddenly becomes more interesting than anything else in the world, when the only thing you should be doing is focusing on school work. Its all an exercise in avoiding endless distractions. A little piece of mental chess against my own apathy.

After I finally achieved equilibrium with the amount of input of work to the output, I headed to Carissa's place to watch The Walking Dead. Popcorn and Halo was as well. And a quick discussion on people who just remain acquaintances.

This ep of Walking Dead was really good. And the quick reveal of a tidbit of insanely important information was great. I'm avoiding getting spoiler-happy here, so let's just say that it changes my entire impression of two characters. This episode wasn't as zombie heavy, which was fine, because the zombies they did have were fantastic! I can't wait to watch the next episode. Which will push Season One into being halfway over. ONLY SIX EPISODES! Its torture, but I'm thankful that AMC went ahead with a pilot SEASON instead of just a pilot EPISODE.

Season Two will be outstanding at this rate.

Topics of Conversation: Rubicon, Robot Utopia, hunker down and power through, Option 01- Get Out of America, vegging, dream talk, space money, antsy, reasons for not getting to borrow my cell phone, etc.


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