Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A pox upon the fates! A curse to ill fortune! I have realized that I am within the clutches of November.

NOVEMBER! Carrier of disease!

NOVEMBER! Harbinger of sickness!

NOVEMBER! Dark Heart of viral infection!

NOVEMBER! Downfall of Nathan!

I should probably explain.

Ha ha! You see, every November since I can remember, I have gotten sick. Now, I’m a young, virile lad who has been blessed with a hearty immune system, and the good sense to not breath deep of other’s coughs. I rarely get sick, and when I do, I usually shake it off with a decent night’s sleep and a bottle of OJ. I laugh at colds, scoff at flus, and have little regard for most diseases, seeing them as lesser people‘s afflictions. Ha ha!

November is when I pay for this mindset.

Man, I’ve gotten sick like a dog who’s slowly turning into a zombie and has diarrhea. It’s a week of hell usually, and I disappear into my home, scorning the sun, and hating the healthy. I make it through, but it does suck.

And I don’t particularly hate November. Sometimes December likes to step up and make me feel terrible. Once on Christmas, too. I just never know when it strikes.

NOVEMBER! Russian Roulette of poor health!

So my day was interesting. Started off worried about my bed. Two of the legs are looking suspiciously like they’re going to give up and make me feel like a fat joke suddenly rolling out of bed. But I have had the bed for years, and it is made of particle wood, which just sounds like material that shouldn’t be anywhere within sitting distance of a large fan boy. So, that’s looming…

Went to my Honors English class, which was cancelled and that was nice, since I wasn’t feeling like attending an Honors English class at 9 am. This gave me some time to finish up some Geology homework, and head out to do my job as a citizen:

That’s right! VOTE.

Went to Walter Elementary near my house (NATE NOTE!: Walter was my first Elementary school! Dang cool, right?), and I voted like nobody has voted before.
Or mostly Democratic, with some Green Party thrown in for the heck of it. There might have been a few people that have voted like that in the past, or even presently. Who knows, right? And judging by the results, it didn’t seem like many people voted like I did, so technically, I’m right about my over-the-top statement.

After voting, I went home and passed out. Literally ate some food and slept. I rarely do that, but since it is NOVEMBER! (Ruin of energy levels!) I needed to grab some sleep.

I got to work at Norwalk, and we shot a City Council Meeting, of which I barely was able to get through. I felt so tired, it was palpable on my face. “Palpable” being my eyes kept closing, and my head was rolled back in a suspicious manner akin to “dozing off.” Anyways, it was a long shoot.

I got home and slept deep. Hopefully I would feel better tomorrow.

Topics of Conversation: Sexy Librarian, Prop 19, LBCC pics, sick & tired, updates too long, DoD, squeaky steering, final call back, Manhattan Beach, the vast wealth of Nathan K. Schulz, etc.


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