Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Writing Words to Read

For school today, I had to do an in-class essay on Frankenstein in comparison to an article on cloning Dolly the sheep. This was made more difficult because I had forgotten to grab my copy of the book from my car. So the first ten minutes of the essay was spent by me walking back to my car and retrieving the book. But it was okay, I was able to throw together an essay that didn’t sound quite like I was a babbling monkey in plaid. I at least sounded like a babbling gorilla…

I went to grab some lunch and talked with Katie. We made plans for lunch on Thursday, and I then headed over to Norwalk. Today was going to be a slow day, which I’ve been needing to have so I can catch up on more of my writing.

One of the cooler tangents I went on today, and this was thanks to my co-worker/buddy Karmin, was viewing our lives as though we were all on a TV show. The show would change sometimes, but we all had story arches, new and old characters, themes, and plot points. I even started to refer to me as a "character," and pretended to speculate with a journalist what was in store for Nathan. Even disagreeing with some of the choices that the writers of the show had made. It was pretty fun!

Topics of Conversation: Genetic awesomeness, life as a TV show, power of a Token, in-class writing blah, lemon juice threat, agreement on zombies, Tasmanian dogs, channel 3, pastrami plans, great outdoors, disagreements make us think harder, feasting on broken hearts, etc.


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