Friday, November 12, 2010

Season Finale Finale

I woke up a lot later than I expected to today. Just felt extra tired and the blankets felt so nice. I love sleeping in the winter.

I went over to Justin's place to work out the script for a commercial we were going to do for a friend. But before that, we grabbed some lunch at Bandido Burrito, and even ran into Katy, a friend of ours. We shot the breeze for a bit, before we had to go our seperate ways.

After lunch, we not only finished a rough draft of the script, but also hammered out the unsavory part I always hate to talk about.


We agreed on the amount we would ask for, and soon had the skeleton for a shot list and what shots we would need to put together. It felt good to be working on the professional side of this whole little dream we keep trying to work on.

We needed to talk about some notes with our friend/client. But he wouldn't be available until later. So Justin and I finished up the First Season of Dollhouse...

And I have to say... it was AMAZING. Yet again, Joss Whedon and company show me how to write amazing characters, dialogue, plots, and twists. The confrontation with Ballard and the Dollhouse, the twist on Whiskey, and the reveal of Alpha... And then the outstanding Season Finale. And then the DVD exclusive Season Finale Finale. (yeah, I know, it sounds weird, but its pretty awesome in its own right).
After Dollhouse, we were going to meet up with some friends for a birthday party, but by the time we got there, there was a $10 cover charge...
I'm not a big fan of cover charges, as a rule. But I'm also low on money AND I have work early tomorrow morning. This just struck me as paying 10 bucks for an hour of awkward loud noise and being disgruntled. So I decided to pass.
Hopefully I didn't piss anyone off.
Topics of Conversation: Ending with no ending, reviled, tights for dancing, beard as a beacon, photoshop the past, remove the ignore, fame just to hang out, a WTF Season Finale, adobo, rough start at the bar, etc.

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