Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zombie Sunday

The shoot for Norwalk was a basketball game at the Sports Complex, but judging by the lack of an unlocked door, somebody might have forgotten to tell the Sports Complex staff.

This problem was resolved quickly, but it felt like a while, since I was holding equipment. The b-ball games were pretty good, and weren’t as difficult to shoot thanks to their desire that I stick to shooting high lights, instead of entire games from start to finish.

Carissa had invited me to watch the second episode of The Walking Dead at her place, and not only did I agree to this idea, I also rented Left 4 Dead 2 to sweeten the deal a little more. We played some L4D2, got some pizza, and then watched the second episode. Which was amazing, by the way. I mean, I can’t believe how quickly this show is becoming my favorite show on the tube. We even got Carissa’s brother Christian hooked on the show!

A great night and capper to Sunday.

Topics of Conversation: Dusty Rhodes, Postcards From California, candy, highlights, City Council, AA, zombie watch, flashing lights of annoyance, blunt instruments, a game so fun, apologies mean more when they are meant, etc.


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