Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Internet Makes Everything Worse

I made a mistake and planned to meet up with friends I didn’t have time to meet up with. Shouldn’t have done it. I was very, very busy, and ended up letting them down.


You know, sometimes I’m such a nice guy that I end up being an a-hole. I have to remember that being honest isn’t the same thing as being rude. I just need to realize that I should know my time and activities better.

This was after Math class, which was a numbing experience.

Before dropping off some equipment I checked out from the Newsroom for shooting interviews at the Long Beach Comic Con, I chatted with Mike Lacerna (here’s his blog, he makes really good funny’s). I then ran around to do more stuff.

I headed to work, and talked with Justin, who was having some issues with the internet. Not the internet itself, but the social and psychological aspects of it. That sentence makes Justin sound like a crazy person, which he isn’t. He just had a difference of opinion with someone that went south. It happens, but somehow, the casualness of facebook makes things seem more dramatic. It’s a funny thing…

Work was worktastic, and then I went to hang out with Aaron and Amy to catch up mostly.

Topics of Conversation: I think everybody is sick, PT Loser, Nerd Rage unleashed, boredom can lead to stress, writing when not busy, crappy corporations, Chevrolet as a fake name, bad day off, edits, green screen surfing, bad cover art, too late to stay late, etc.


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