Saturday, November 6, 2010

Making Resolves


You know what makes you want to sleep in till the next journal entry? Staying up all night funk dancing, and not getting home till 4 am.


Sleeping in did not quite happen, NOR did it not quite NOT happen. I got enough sleep to be a functional and upstanding citizen for the day, until I got a call from my boss. He wanted to see if I could pick up some work tomorrow for Norwalk shooting a basketball game. I said yes, though it must of sounded like a bad impression of vocal chords trying to make the sound of “yes.”

I woke up enough to remember a resolve that I had made. Making resolves are difficult, but necessary. For today’s resolve, I wanted to record something. Anything. As long as it didn’t consist of nothing. Which is mostly what I had. Nothing. Nothing to show for months of slaving away at being a good student, a good worker, and a good dreamer.

So I met up with Justin and we shot four different skits, mostly of the audio variety. They’re easier to come up with, and we had a few that we had been thinking of trying out. First there was an idea that made fun of how SyFy came up with their movie ideas, then there was an audio snippet version of an old journal entry from March about how Katherine Hepburn started sounding like Katherine Hepburn. We ended up the shoot with a made up fight with a possessed Santa Clause decoration. (Even Victor came by for a cameo!).

Yes, this all sounds ridiculous. And yes, I was extremely happy to make them. It had been too long since I had made silly skits and shenanigans. It was cathartic.

We grabbed some lunch at Bandido Burrito (which was delicious), and got an invite to go over to Gina and Bobby’s apartment for a get-together. We headed over, and had a few beers and talked about nothing and everything. I even had a shot of honey whiskey which burns just as much as the original stuff, but with a better aftertaste.


By the end of the night, Bobby, Justin, and I decided that we should make a podcast! We had done one in May, and kicked around the idea of a more steady endeavor ever since. Well, the whole day felt like an exercise in doing cool stuff, and this felt like no exception. So Bobby will look around for a 4-channel mixer, we’ll all kick in money for it, and the beginnings of a podcast will have been etched into internet stone. I even proposed what the first episode should be about, so after we figure out the schedule stuff, we’ll be off and running.

Another awesome night! I’m liking this weekend.

Topics of Conversation: Waffle recipes, podcasts, cheap china, keeping busy, pretty girl don’t like me, good burritos, Buffy RPG, busting a groove, SModcast, envy of costumes, SyFy, the Game, Italian sushi, etc.


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