Monday, November 1, 2010

Lost Four Months

Okay, well, I’ve been doing really bad on this blog of mine. I’m over 3 months behind (Holy Moley!) and keep letting myself lag more and more.

And there’s no real good reason for this. Just been too busy with life to write about it. I know, that seems real lame sauce of me, but well, this is the first in many sad attempts to even out the scales. Fortunately, I’ve been keeping notes on every day, and though that means I will miss out on most of the visceral connection and thoughts on each day, at least I will be able have some kind of record. And I can at least say that November and December will have a better record of my little existence.

This means I will write November and December as normal, AND retroactively write July through October. For every November entry, I will do TWO old entries. Maybe even more, if time permits. Here’s to hoping I can get my crap together. (Maybe as a cool bonus, I will skip between the Lost Four Months, and write about days out of order). Keep in mind, that the “Retro Entries” (did I coin my own phrase?) will probably quick and uninspired.

Luckily, November 1st was relatively uneventful, just another day of Math class and work. Awesome, right?

Yesterday, I watched The Walking Dead, and that was beyond awesome, which I will write about in detail soon.

….okay, even I don’t trust me. But bare with me, please.

Topics of Conversation: Math woe, the Doctor is out, turkey, notes best not made, more information, waiting to make sense, atonement for faltering in my journalistic duties, etc.


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