Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Heapin' Helpin' of Harried Homeworkin'

Seems to me that our teacher in Literature Analysis seemed to be in a foul mood and threw four very intense questions at us to answer over the next day or so. Everybody felt a little annoyed and indignant. Oh well, just one more academic headache to throw on top of this heapin' helpin' of harried homeworkin'.

I was originally going to meet up with Sarah for lunch, but her work got flipped around. I figured some cheap Taco Tuesday tacos shouldn't be enjoyed without some cool people, and Carissa ended up joining me. We even talked about a dream she had. I like to analyze dreams as a little hobby on the side. Try and see any hidden meanings or sneaky tidbits to piece together. Its fun!

After lunch, I went and got some recycling done to the profit of around 11 bucks. Not bad, considering I do a happy jig for 4 bucks.

Went over to Norwalk to shoot the City Council Meeting, which was surprisingly short. Not the usual order of business for Council Meetings, but I suppose brevity, and one simple item of discussion, won out. Score one for the good guys, people.

Ugh. I gonna go to sleep extra fast tonight.

Topics of Conversation: Recall, hilarious bathrooms, Club Sexy Vampire, Resolve Face, boob signing, adventures in dreams, taco time, shrimp tempura, recycling, overnight no-no, a guy named Vlad, miners, weekends too busy, etc.


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