Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hyperspace Metaphorical

I really, truly don't want to learn about complex numbers. Not when I have so many other things to worry about. I just seems unnecessary to throw math on top of this big ol' pile of hooplah.

What's complex is life. Thanks a bundle, eternity. I'm supposed to succeed and be self-sufficient. But I'm bad at math, so that cuts my options WAY the eff down to not many. Or I can work four jobs and not be able to afford both health care and rent. What happened to the jobs where I can afford life and work out my suppressed aggression on cheap gourmet food and Left 4 Dead 2?

Nowhere to be found.

And another thing! I don't want to live in LA. Near or around, I'm okay with that. But not IN LA. I would like to live in San Francisco. Or San Diego. But Los Angeles? Naw. Don't see the need. The town just gets on my nerves. Heck, I'd rather just live in Oregon near a forest. Hermit life with wi-fi, people!

So um...

Yeah! Comics Unlimited. I went there today. Met up with Carissa and Justin while chatting with Lainey. Lainey dyed her hair black and was wearing all black, so that was appropriate Lainey wear. I only bought one comic, which was the conclusion to "The Return of Bruce Wayne." Not bad. Grant Morrison got a little out there, hyperspace metaphorical on me, but that's fine. Its part of why I keep buying what he writes.

Cool thing about the convos at the shop today was that it was moving pretty good. A nice little round robin of discussion on comics and status quos being updated and destroyed. Lainey doesn't want to read Batman & Robin, but I will slowly change her mind, hopefully. I never thought I would like Damien as Robin, but he's actually a human being with Morrison's deft skills.

After the run, I went to Norwalk for work. We shot a Planning Commission meeting and they talked about iron fences and shiny roofs. That was about it. We also had to discuss the upcoming Xmas video, but we talked about crappy 80's muscle cars and trail burgers instead.

I wanted to go around and do good deeds for the world, but I decided to write this blog entry about my quiet, little life instead. If anything, I'm keep up with my new blog schedule. And that's a step up.

Topics of Conversation: Blanket cat,, blink and you're confused, over the top, vegan card calling, pizza theft, bruisin', Christmas video means the end of the line, coughing fits, hugs given, just stop and realize they're human, info on the down low, etc.


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