Thursday, November 11, 2010

It Does Not Involve Compasses

School was pretty good today. In Literature Analysis class we discussed Dracula, and the symbolism of vampires. I went the whole psychological path with how they symbolize the darkness in all of us that can come out with just a little help from evil. Others talked about how they balance the social classes, since you don't have to be rich or poor to be used by a vampire.

But the number of girls that would immediately talk about how dark, hot, and sexy vampires are was staggering. I was pretty surprised, but I guess I shouldn't have been. Even with the damage inflicted by Twilight, True Blood and other vampire stuff has brought the brooding bad boy back to the forefront.

Maybe I should brood more and wear more black. Or maybe no.

I came up with a skit while learning how to use compasses in Geology lab. It involves a man working in an office who, after weeks of quiet discomfort, finally tells his friendly co-worker please stop a certain ritual of his.


NED: Morning, Alan!
**Ned is obviously peeing in the coffee machine**
ALAN: ....Ned.
NED: Why the gloomy Gus today, buddy?
ALAN: ...
NED: C'mon pal!
**Ned zips up his pants, and pours a cup of coffee/urine**
NED: Here you go.
ALAN: Yep.
**Alan takes the cup of coffee and stares at it**
NED: Rough morning?
ALAN: I just... Can you stop peeing in the coffee? Just- STOP PEEING IN MY COFFEE.
**Ned looks at the coffee and kind of just laughs out of embarrassment**
NED: Oh wow! Man, that's so embarrassing! I must have done it out of habit. I'll stop doing that, pal, no worries.


No, it does not involve compasses at all. I can see how that would be misleading. I have no idea why my short skits are always so strange. I guess I just have a need for the absurd.

For lunch, I met up with Katie. We ate at The Hat, which is a great pastrami place. I highly recommend it, especially the Chili Cheese Fries. WOW.
We caught up and talked about life, The Walking Dead, and different types of animal people and who we accidentally think we are similar to. Street Fighter took a prominent place in the discussion and I pictured a world solved by dramatic video game challenges against other people. She called me a panda, which was nice, even if I wish I was more like a wolf or panther. Not the case, which even I know is not the case. Anyways, the food was good, and the conversation was fun.

After that, I headed over to meet up with Aaron and Amy to watch Spaced. Such a great show! I am constantly reminded of the kind of humor I can only hope to pull off in my wildest dreams. Patrick met up with us a little later, and we bitched about his work a little.

I headed home, and now I look forward to spaghetti. A great day full of productive friendship and schooling.

Topics of Conversation: Moving to Canada, finding the Hat, youth for the young, Harry Potter symbolism, dumb bosses, the lisp only makes things worse, we got some dark thoughts y'all, dinner card vs lunch card, Nato von Dracula, 73.58% cooler, spiders!, another accident, Sloths and Tigers and Pandas Oh My!, etc.


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