Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holy Bat Saturation!

So math was there.

Afterwords, I met up with Aaron and Mike. We had lunch, and then I went with Aaron to Comics Unlimited. Lainey and Mark were at the shop, and it was cool to catch up, though I didn't talk to Mark as much, which I feel bad about.

Batman Inc. (#01) was out, as was Batman: The Return. Actually, come to think of it, the stands have been really Batman heavy as of late. From Batman & Robin, Batgirl, Batman Beyond, Batman, Red Robin, Birds of Prey, Catwoman, Red Hood, Batwoman......

Damn. That's a lot of Bat. Are they trying to keep up with X-Men?

After the shop, I dropped off Aaron, and then headed to work, which was quiet, except that it was going to ramp up in the next few weeks.

Crap. I have to finish Dracula tonight. I might end up just passing out.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Heapin' Helpin' of Harried Homeworkin'

Seems to me that our teacher in Literature Analysis seemed to be in a foul mood and threw four very intense questions at us to answer over the next day or so. Everybody felt a little annoyed and indignant. Oh well, just one more academic headache to throw on top of this heapin' helpin' of harried homeworkin'.

I was originally going to meet up with Sarah for lunch, but her work got flipped around. I figured some cheap Taco Tuesday tacos shouldn't be enjoyed without some cool people, and Carissa ended up joining me. We even talked about a dream she had. I like to analyze dreams as a little hobby on the side. Try and see any hidden meanings or sneaky tidbits to piece together. Its fun!

After lunch, I went and got some recycling done to the profit of around 11 bucks. Not bad, considering I do a happy jig for 4 bucks.

Went over to Norwalk to shoot the City Council Meeting, which was surprisingly short. Not the usual order of business for Council Meetings, but I suppose brevity, and one simple item of discussion, won out. Score one for the good guys, people.

Ugh. I gonna go to sleep extra fast tonight.

Topics of Conversation: Recall, hilarious bathrooms, Club Sexy Vampire, Resolve Face, boob signing, adventures in dreams, taco time, shrimp tempura, recycling, overnight no-no, a guy named Vlad, miners, weekends too busy, etc.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Read 'Em And Weep

(Feeling kinda Noir narration today, so here goes)

Woke up with a pain in my throat, though a hoot and a holler would shout down this morning blues. There wasn't enough water to wash away this bitter taste of Monday out of my mouth. The sun was glancing my way with a sleepy disinterest, and I wondered when exactly the moon abandoned me for somewhere colder.

A wash, a brush, and a throw and I'm heading out with a skip missing from my step. I could feel the weight of equations hanging off my eyelids as the prof said her words. Even the cute girl next to me wasn't enough to bring the numbers to life. And when you're talking about math, life is all by the numbers.

The past few days seemed to pass me by with barely a smile and a nod. The parade of hours spent out and about left me feeling down and out, but you can't fault me for a day well spent. And I spent these days like a broken gambler with a great hand. All in and over my head.

So I wrote down the words of a man who thinks too much of himself, and needs to man up to put more of himself in his words. But I write these blogs like I play killer hands, kids. Read 'em and weep.

I headed over to my job, and wished for a career. But the money wasn't showing up otherwise, so I put my shoulder to grindstone to carve out a living for another week. Living's hard in a stone cold world of hard-headed lifers, and it ain't any easier for this dreamer.

But I dream big enough for all of us.

Topics of Conversation: Transmetropolitan, stress sigh, some equipment, movies about mistakes, later thoughts, Chumbawamba, home buying, business stuff ain't fun, fans of people, cold and the US, etc.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Exercise in Avoiding Endless Distractions

Today was mostly devoted to homework, studying, breakfast and lunch with the family, and episode three of The Walking Dead.

All the school related stuff was dealt with at home where I was sufficiently locked away from the world lest I make the poor choice of trying to let myself be distracted. Its amazing how paint suddenly becomes more interesting than anything else in the world, when the only thing you should be doing is focusing on school work. Its all an exercise in avoiding endless distractions. A little piece of mental chess against my own apathy.

After I finally achieved equilibrium with the amount of input of work to the output, I headed to Carissa's place to watch The Walking Dead. Popcorn and Halo was as well. And a quick discussion on people who just remain acquaintances.

This ep of Walking Dead was really good. And the quick reveal of a tidbit of insanely important information was great. I'm avoiding getting spoiler-happy here, so let's just say that it changes my entire impression of two characters. This episode wasn't as zombie heavy, which was fine, because the zombies they did have were fantastic! I can't wait to watch the next episode. Which will push Season One into being halfway over. ONLY SIX EPISODES! Its torture, but I'm thankful that AMC went ahead with a pilot SEASON instead of just a pilot EPISODE.

Season Two will be outstanding at this rate.

Topics of Conversation: Rubicon, Robot Utopia, hunker down and power through, Option 01- Get Out of America, vegging, dream talk, space money, antsy, reasons for not getting to borrow my cell phone, etc.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

The D-Driver Shuffle

So I wrote down the wrong time for my work at Lakewood today and ended up being nearly an hour late. ARGH. I hate when this happens. There's no good excuse, and any reason sounds weak. Basically, the shoot was for a class teaching how to make gardens and yards that are good at water conservation. Basically, cutting back on full grass lawns that drink up water like crazy. If I owned a lawn or garden this whole class would actually apply to me.

Later on I caught up with Carissa to grab some lunch and Halo 3. We got pretty far, and were kicking some decent amounts of ass (well, the COMPUTER'S ass anyway).

Afterwards, I headed over to Jamal's mom's place to watch the Pacquio/Margarito fight. It was pretty good! Margarito took a hell of a beating, but made it all the way to Round 12. Though Pacquio pretty much gave him the last round out of the kindness of his heart. Pacquio fights to win, not to humiliate. Classy fighter, though I'm sure there were a lot of people that just wanted to watch him beat Margarito to death. Either way, the fight was really good, even if you knew who was going to win by the 6th round.

After the night was over, I did the D-Driver shuffle for some friends to get them home safe. That is, I was designated driver for a friend, and then needed a ride back to my car. It was a little out of the way, but nothing inconvenient.

Topics of Conversation: Talk to the fist, Black Market audio, cat attack, a hankering for some spankering, flash memory, eyes burn, business for what?, friendship gone rotten, etc.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Season Finale Finale

I woke up a lot later than I expected to today. Just felt extra tired and the blankets felt so nice. I love sleeping in the winter.

I went over to Justin's place to work out the script for a commercial we were going to do for a friend. But before that, we grabbed some lunch at Bandido Burrito, and even ran into Katy, a friend of ours. We shot the breeze for a bit, before we had to go our seperate ways.

After lunch, we not only finished a rough draft of the script, but also hammered out the unsavory part I always hate to talk about.


We agreed on the amount we would ask for, and soon had the skeleton for a shot list and what shots we would need to put together. It felt good to be working on the professional side of this whole little dream we keep trying to work on.

We needed to talk about some notes with our friend/client. But he wouldn't be available until later. So Justin and I finished up the First Season of Dollhouse...

And I have to say... it was AMAZING. Yet again, Joss Whedon and company show me how to write amazing characters, dialogue, plots, and twists. The confrontation with Ballard and the Dollhouse, the twist on Whiskey, and the reveal of Alpha... And then the outstanding Season Finale. And then the DVD exclusive Season Finale Finale. (yeah, I know, it sounds weird, but its pretty awesome in its own right).
After Dollhouse, we were going to meet up with some friends for a birthday party, but by the time we got there, there was a $10 cover charge...
I'm not a big fan of cover charges, as a rule. But I'm also low on money AND I have work early tomorrow morning. This just struck me as paying 10 bucks for an hour of awkward loud noise and being disgruntled. So I decided to pass.
Hopefully I didn't piss anyone off.
Topics of Conversation: Ending with no ending, reviled, tights for dancing, beard as a beacon, photoshop the past, remove the ignore, fame just to hang out, a WTF Season Finale, adobo, rough start at the bar, etc.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It Does Not Involve Compasses

School was pretty good today. In Literature Analysis class we discussed Dracula, and the symbolism of vampires. I went the whole psychological path with how they symbolize the darkness in all of us that can come out with just a little help from evil. Others talked about how they balance the social classes, since you don't have to be rich or poor to be used by a vampire.

But the number of girls that would immediately talk about how dark, hot, and sexy vampires are was staggering. I was pretty surprised, but I guess I shouldn't have been. Even with the damage inflicted by Twilight, True Blood and other vampire stuff has brought the brooding bad boy back to the forefront.

Maybe I should brood more and wear more black. Or maybe no.

I came up with a skit while learning how to use compasses in Geology lab. It involves a man working in an office who, after weeks of quiet discomfort, finally tells his friendly co-worker please stop a certain ritual of his.


NED: Morning, Alan!
**Ned is obviously peeing in the coffee machine**
ALAN: ....Ned.
NED: Why the gloomy Gus today, buddy?
ALAN: ...
NED: C'mon pal!
**Ned zips up his pants, and pours a cup of coffee/urine**
NED: Here you go.
ALAN: Yep.
**Alan takes the cup of coffee and stares at it**
NED: Rough morning?
ALAN: I just... Can you stop peeing in the coffee? Just- STOP PEEING IN MY COFFEE.
**Ned looks at the coffee and kind of just laughs out of embarrassment**
NED: Oh wow! Man, that's so embarrassing! I must have done it out of habit. I'll stop doing that, pal, no worries.


No, it does not involve compasses at all. I can see how that would be misleading. I have no idea why my short skits are always so strange. I guess I just have a need for the absurd.

For lunch, I met up with Katie. We ate at The Hat, which is a great pastrami place. I highly recommend it, especially the Chili Cheese Fries. WOW.
We caught up and talked about life, The Walking Dead, and different types of animal people and who we accidentally think we are similar to. Street Fighter took a prominent place in the discussion and I pictured a world solved by dramatic video game challenges against other people. She called me a panda, which was nice, even if I wish I was more like a wolf or panther. Not the case, which even I know is not the case. Anyways, the food was good, and the conversation was fun.

After that, I headed over to meet up with Aaron and Amy to watch Spaced. Such a great show! I am constantly reminded of the kind of humor I can only hope to pull off in my wildest dreams. Patrick met up with us a little later, and we bitched about his work a little.

I headed home, and now I look forward to spaghetti. A great day full of productive friendship and schooling.

Topics of Conversation: Moving to Canada, finding the Hat, youth for the young, Harry Potter symbolism, dumb bosses, the lisp only makes things worse, we got some dark thoughts y'all, dinner card vs lunch card, Nato von Dracula, 73.58% cooler, spiders!, another accident, Sloths and Tigers and Pandas Oh My!, etc.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hyperspace Metaphorical

I really, truly don't want to learn about complex numbers. Not when I have so many other things to worry about. I just seems unnecessary to throw math on top of this big ol' pile of hooplah.

What's complex is life. Thanks a bundle, eternity. I'm supposed to succeed and be self-sufficient. But I'm bad at math, so that cuts my options WAY the eff down to not many. Or I can work four jobs and not be able to afford both health care and rent. What happened to the jobs where I can afford life and work out my suppressed aggression on cheap gourmet food and Left 4 Dead 2?

Nowhere to be found.

And another thing! I don't want to live in LA. Near or around, I'm okay with that. But not IN LA. I would like to live in San Francisco. Or San Diego. But Los Angeles? Naw. Don't see the need. The town just gets on my nerves. Heck, I'd rather just live in Oregon near a forest. Hermit life with wi-fi, people!

So um...

Yeah! Comics Unlimited. I went there today. Met up with Carissa and Justin while chatting with Lainey. Lainey dyed her hair black and was wearing all black, so that was appropriate Lainey wear. I only bought one comic, which was the conclusion to "The Return of Bruce Wayne." Not bad. Grant Morrison got a little out there, hyperspace metaphorical on me, but that's fine. Its part of why I keep buying what he writes.

Cool thing about the convos at the shop today was that it was moving pretty good. A nice little round robin of discussion on comics and status quos being updated and destroyed. Lainey doesn't want to read Batman & Robin, but I will slowly change her mind, hopefully. I never thought I would like Damien as Robin, but he's actually a human being with Morrison's deft skills.

After the run, I went to Norwalk for work. We shot a Planning Commission meeting and they talked about iron fences and shiny roofs. That was about it. We also had to discuss the upcoming Xmas video, but we talked about crappy 80's muscle cars and trail burgers instead.

I wanted to go around and do good deeds for the world, but I decided to write this blog entry about my quiet, little life instead. If anything, I'm keep up with my new blog schedule. And that's a step up.

Topics of Conversation: Blanket cat,, blink and you're confused, over the top, vegan card calling, pizza theft, bruisin', Christmas video means the end of the line, coughing fits, hugs given, just stop and realize they're human, info on the down low, etc.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Writing Words to Read

For school today, I had to do an in-class essay on Frankenstein in comparison to an article on cloning Dolly the sheep. This was made more difficult because I had forgotten to grab my copy of the book from my car. So the first ten minutes of the essay was spent by me walking back to my car and retrieving the book. But it was okay, I was able to throw together an essay that didn’t sound quite like I was a babbling monkey in plaid. I at least sounded like a babbling gorilla…

I went to grab some lunch and talked with Katie. We made plans for lunch on Thursday, and I then headed over to Norwalk. Today was going to be a slow day, which I’ve been needing to have so I can catch up on more of my writing.

One of the cooler tangents I went on today, and this was thanks to my co-worker/buddy Karmin, was viewing our lives as though we were all on a TV show. The show would change sometimes, but we all had story arches, new and old characters, themes, and plot points. I even started to refer to me as a "character," and pretended to speculate with a journalist what was in store for Nathan. Even disagreeing with some of the choices that the writers of the show had made. It was pretty fun!

Topics of Conversation: Genetic awesomeness, life as a TV show, power of a Token, in-class writing blah, lemon juice threat, agreement on zombies, Tasmanian dogs, channel 3, pastrami plans, great outdoors, disagreements make us think harder, feasting on broken hearts, etc.


Monday, November 8, 2010


Back to school with Math being a bit more understandable today. Also, just got word from the teacher that I can take an extra credit test. Uh, that would be a HELL YEAH for me.

After grabbing a burrito, I mosey’d on over to Comics Unlimited to pick up the last comic that I had set aside, which was Secret Six. Lainey and Mark were at the shop today and I chatted with them till I had to leave for work.

BUT before I left, I started spit-balling ideas with Lainey about possible T-shirts she could make for Threadless and other shirt sites. As of now, I have roughly six, with more on the horizon. Two of them she really liked, so we’ll have to wait and see what comes of the shirt daydreaming…

Norwalk was quiet, which was good because I had forgot to work on an assignment for English that was due tomorrow. D’oh. But I got it done, and am now ready to drop some Frankenstein film review science on some fools!

NATE NOTE!: Oh yeah, and Conan O’Brien’s new show debuts on TBS tonight!

Topics of Conversation: Boom mike in the middle, extra test, tofu monster, what’s new, people avoided, the similarity between a hot dog and Frankenstein’s monster, earning a birthday, the new thing, etc.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zombie Sunday

The shoot for Norwalk was a basketball game at the Sports Complex, but judging by the lack of an unlocked door, somebody might have forgotten to tell the Sports Complex staff.

This problem was resolved quickly, but it felt like a while, since I was holding equipment. The b-ball games were pretty good, and weren’t as difficult to shoot thanks to their desire that I stick to shooting high lights, instead of entire games from start to finish.

Carissa had invited me to watch the second episode of The Walking Dead at her place, and not only did I agree to this idea, I also rented Left 4 Dead 2 to sweeten the deal a little more. We played some L4D2, got some pizza, and then watched the second episode. Which was amazing, by the way. I mean, I can’t believe how quickly this show is becoming my favorite show on the tube. We even got Carissa’s brother Christian hooked on the show!

A great night and capper to Sunday.

Topics of Conversation: Dusty Rhodes, Postcards From California, candy, highlights, City Council, AA, zombie watch, flashing lights of annoyance, blunt instruments, a game so fun, apologies mean more when they are meant, etc.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Making Resolves


You know what makes you want to sleep in till the next journal entry? Staying up all night funk dancing, and not getting home till 4 am.


Sleeping in did not quite happen, NOR did it not quite NOT happen. I got enough sleep to be a functional and upstanding citizen for the day, until I got a call from my boss. He wanted to see if I could pick up some work tomorrow for Norwalk shooting a basketball game. I said yes, though it must of sounded like a bad impression of vocal chords trying to make the sound of “yes.”

I woke up enough to remember a resolve that I had made. Making resolves are difficult, but necessary. For today’s resolve, I wanted to record something. Anything. As long as it didn’t consist of nothing. Which is mostly what I had. Nothing. Nothing to show for months of slaving away at being a good student, a good worker, and a good dreamer.

So I met up with Justin and we shot four different skits, mostly of the audio variety. They’re easier to come up with, and we had a few that we had been thinking of trying out. First there was an idea that made fun of how SyFy came up with their movie ideas, then there was an audio snippet version of an old journal entry from March about how Katherine Hepburn started sounding like Katherine Hepburn. We ended up the shoot with a made up fight with a possessed Santa Clause decoration. (Even Victor came by for a cameo!).

Yes, this all sounds ridiculous. And yes, I was extremely happy to make them. It had been too long since I had made silly skits and shenanigans. It was cathartic.

We grabbed some lunch at Bandido Burrito (which was delicious), and got an invite to go over to Gina and Bobby’s apartment for a get-together. We headed over, and had a few beers and talked about nothing and everything. I even had a shot of honey whiskey which burns just as much as the original stuff, but with a better aftertaste.


By the end of the night, Bobby, Justin, and I decided that we should make a podcast! We had done one in May, and kicked around the idea of a more steady endeavor ever since. Well, the whole day felt like an exercise in doing cool stuff, and this felt like no exception. So Bobby will look around for a 4-channel mixer, we’ll all kick in money for it, and the beginnings of a podcast will have been etched into internet stone. I even proposed what the first episode should be about, so after we figure out the schedule stuff, we’ll be off and running.

Another awesome night! I’m liking this weekend.

Topics of Conversation: Waffle recipes, podcasts, cheap china, keeping busy, pretty girl don’t like me, good burritos, Buffy RPG, busting a groove, SModcast, envy of costumes, SyFy, the Game, Italian sushi, etc.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Teenage Humility & Humidity

As far as Fridays go, today was hectic. But in a very good way.

First off, I woke up early for a video shoot for Lakewood. It was at a High School that had a Assembly to retire a jersey for a former football player for the school. His name was Alterraun Verner, and he had made it to the NFL since his days at the school, playing for the Tennessee Titans. What was more interesting was that Verner not only had been a star athlete, but he had a 4.17 GPA. Great googly moogly! And he liked Math, which just made him seem from outer space to me, but good for him!

Now, I don’t watch much sports, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you much more about all that stuff, but what I can tell you about is that I used to ditch a lot of high school Assemblies when I was a lad. And being in one again just reminded me of why I chose to avoid them back in the day. And I was being PAID to attend this Assembly!

It’s the strange mix of fake enthusiasm, real apathy, showboating, rampant false senses of entitlement by the athletes, assorted boredom by the students in the bleachers, tired authority, and heat. Yes, HEAT. I had forgotten how damn hot it could get in a gym when you stuff it to the brim with insecure, oversexed, surly, and hormone drenched teenagers. This is a recipe for an juvenile furnace fueled by school “spirit.” Needless to say, I stepped out as much as I could.

Argh! And it was humid, too!

Anyways, after the shoot, I headed to Comics Unlimited yet again to pick up at least two more issues of list of comics for this week. Talked with Mark for a bit, before I met up with Justin. We had a meeting to talk to Paul, our friend Mona’s boyfriend, about shooting a commercial for his therapy practice. This was to be the first time Justin and I would put our heads together to make an actual, serious commercial. Perhaps it’s the start of a new aspect of our career goals?

The meeting went well, and Justin and I left to meet up with Jamal, Jon, Katy, Ben, and Kevin to go to a bar in Long Beach called Alex’s Bar. (NATE NOTE!: Alex’s Bar is the same bar used to shoot the Fangtasia scenes in True Blood! Wow!). The extra bonus of the night was that Alex’s Bar would be hipster central due to the funk night that it was throwing there. Whatever about the hipsters, the important fact was that funk music was going to be played, alcoholic beverages were to be drinked, and grooving was to be shook.

Also, Katy won a trophy for dancing! She friggin’ earned it, too, cuz she danced for about an hour straight.

The night was an amazing amount of fun, topped off with Denny’s food and a sense of funk infused euphoria. Damn good times.

Topics of Conversation: High School, different kinds of cars, Pabst, steady jobs, guuurlllzzz!, Apple Valley, human powered heat, little brothers, New York, trophies, Italian speed metal bands, sub-letting, the arch-villain returns, spirit, jabbering on, permits be damned, butt wash, etc.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Double the WTF

I woke up feeling as though it would be great if I didn’t have to wake up. Too bad I had Honors English to deal with, plus a Geology lab test, and on top of that, I needed to work on Divergence magazine for Cypress College. More work than I am in the mood to deal with, but such is life.

In Honors English, we watched some of Frankenstein, starring Robert deNiro and Kennth Brannagh. The movie gets a little over the top at times, but still looks stylish as all heck. The Geo lab test was in carbon dating and earthquakes, and I didn’t do too bad, though I was having trouble remembering how to figure out epicenters of quakes.

I went to Comics Unlimited to pick up the latest issue of Invincible (#75). It was a double-sized issue packed with double-paged splash pages and double the action and “WTF?!” factor. Double all that and then double it again. THAT’S how good this issue was. If you haven’t been reading this comic series, its about time you got to getting it.

I headed back to Cypress to work on the Divergence magazine. Some stuff was getting done, but a lot of people had to cut out early, to the point that the magazine just wasn’t going to be finished in time. In stead, we had some pizza and talked about being tired all the time. Our youth and golden years were being used up with abandon. Aw, the wallowing was good and plenty tonight.

Topics of Conversation: Quaking, weed ice cream, fist bump, contests, weekends of endless weakness, pizza ad noseum, the Indiana Jones theme in strange places, Popeye’s chicken is evil, driving too damn far, bullies, standing on one foot, etc.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Internet Makes Everything Worse

I made a mistake and planned to meet up with friends I didn’t have time to meet up with. Shouldn’t have done it. I was very, very busy, and ended up letting them down.


You know, sometimes I’m such a nice guy that I end up being an a-hole. I have to remember that being honest isn’t the same thing as being rude. I just need to realize that I should know my time and activities better.

This was after Math class, which was a numbing experience.

Before dropping off some equipment I checked out from the Newsroom for shooting interviews at the Long Beach Comic Con, I chatted with Mike Lacerna (here’s his blog, he makes really good funny’s). I then ran around to do more stuff.

I headed to work, and talked with Justin, who was having some issues with the internet. Not the internet itself, but the social and psychological aspects of it. That sentence makes Justin sound like a crazy person, which he isn’t. He just had a difference of opinion with someone that went south. It happens, but somehow, the casualness of facebook makes things seem more dramatic. It’s a funny thing…

Work was worktastic, and then I went to hang out with Aaron and Amy to catch up mostly.

Topics of Conversation: I think everybody is sick, PT Loser, Nerd Rage unleashed, boredom can lead to stress, writing when not busy, crappy corporations, Chevrolet as a fake name, bad day off, edits, green screen surfing, bad cover art, too late to stay late, etc.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A pox upon the fates! A curse to ill fortune! I have realized that I am within the clutches of November.

NOVEMBER! Carrier of disease!

NOVEMBER! Harbinger of sickness!

NOVEMBER! Dark Heart of viral infection!

NOVEMBER! Downfall of Nathan!

I should probably explain.

Ha ha! You see, every November since I can remember, I have gotten sick. Now, I’m a young, virile lad who has been blessed with a hearty immune system, and the good sense to not breath deep of other’s coughs. I rarely get sick, and when I do, I usually shake it off with a decent night’s sleep and a bottle of OJ. I laugh at colds, scoff at flus, and have little regard for most diseases, seeing them as lesser people‘s afflictions. Ha ha!

November is when I pay for this mindset.

Man, I’ve gotten sick like a dog who’s slowly turning into a zombie and has diarrhea. It’s a week of hell usually, and I disappear into my home, scorning the sun, and hating the healthy. I make it through, but it does suck.

And I don’t particularly hate November. Sometimes December likes to step up and make me feel terrible. Once on Christmas, too. I just never know when it strikes.

NOVEMBER! Russian Roulette of poor health!

So my day was interesting. Started off worried about my bed. Two of the legs are looking suspiciously like they’re going to give up and make me feel like a fat joke suddenly rolling out of bed. But I have had the bed for years, and it is made of particle wood, which just sounds like material that shouldn’t be anywhere within sitting distance of a large fan boy. So, that’s looming…

Went to my Honors English class, which was cancelled and that was nice, since I wasn’t feeling like attending an Honors English class at 9 am. This gave me some time to finish up some Geology homework, and head out to do my job as a citizen:

That’s right! VOTE.

Went to Walter Elementary near my house (NATE NOTE!: Walter was my first Elementary school! Dang cool, right?), and I voted like nobody has voted before.
Or mostly Democratic, with some Green Party thrown in for the heck of it. There might have been a few people that have voted like that in the past, or even presently. Who knows, right? And judging by the results, it didn’t seem like many people voted like I did, so technically, I’m right about my over-the-top statement.

After voting, I went home and passed out. Literally ate some food and slept. I rarely do that, but since it is NOVEMBER! (Ruin of energy levels!) I needed to grab some sleep.

I got to work at Norwalk, and we shot a City Council Meeting, of which I barely was able to get through. I felt so tired, it was palpable on my face. “Palpable” being my eyes kept closing, and my head was rolled back in a suspicious manner akin to “dozing off.” Anyways, it was a long shoot.

I got home and slept deep. Hopefully I would feel better tomorrow.

Topics of Conversation: Sexy Librarian, Prop 19, LBCC pics, sick & tired, updates too long, DoD, squeaky steering, final call back, Manhattan Beach, the vast wealth of Nathan K. Schulz, etc.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Lost Four Months

Okay, well, I’ve been doing really bad on this blog of mine. I’m over 3 months behind (Holy Moley!) and keep letting myself lag more and more.

And there’s no real good reason for this. Just been too busy with life to write about it. I know, that seems real lame sauce of me, but well, this is the first in many sad attempts to even out the scales. Fortunately, I’ve been keeping notes on every day, and though that means I will miss out on most of the visceral connection and thoughts on each day, at least I will be able have some kind of record. And I can at least say that November and December will have a better record of my little existence.

This means I will write November and December as normal, AND retroactively write July through October. For every November entry, I will do TWO old entries. Maybe even more, if time permits. Here’s to hoping I can get my crap together. (Maybe as a cool bonus, I will skip between the Lost Four Months, and write about days out of order). Keep in mind, that the “Retro Entries” (did I coin my own phrase?) will probably quick and uninspired.

Luckily, November 1st was relatively uneventful, just another day of Math class and work. Awesome, right?

Yesterday, I watched The Walking Dead, and that was beyond awesome, which I will write about in detail soon.

….okay, even I don’t trust me. But bare with me, please.

Topics of Conversation: Math woe, the Doctor is out, turkey, notes best not made, more information, waiting to make sense, atonement for faltering in my journalistic duties, etc.