Sunday, January 2, 2011

All-New! All-Adorable! & All-Accidental!

Woke up to vegan waffles made by the parentals. The waffles… were a step in the right direction. Not perfect, as prototypes go, but I suspect my vegan friends would nod sagely in approval… and violently shake their fists at me for not saving some for them. Be calm, my vegan comrades, I shall learn how to make them for you.

Afterwards, I headed over to Justin’s house in Step One of our maniacal scheme to go to LA to watch True Grit. But first we hung out for a bit, in which I was fed imaginary omelettes by Justin’s nephew Kamayo. That kid is ridiculously cute, and has the kind of comedic timing only children have for the first 4 years of their life. Its all-new, all-adorable, and all-accidental.

Once I was sufficiently stuffed on food that didn’t exist, Justin and I headed to LA… in the worst rain storm possible. That shows us for not leaving earlier. We were to pick Will (a LAFS alumni) and meet up with Sean (also a fellow LAFS alumni) at the theater. Our friend Jeptha was supposed to join up with us, but bailed out for monetary reasons, of which I can’t truly fault him, being in the same boat as well. (I was using tickets I was given for Christmas for this outing).

At the mall/theater, we grabbed some linner (lunch/dinner) and then went to Barnes & Noble to hang out till the 8:10 showing. 7:30 eventually showed up to the party, and we headed to the theater.

True Grit… is an awesome movie. I really liked it. It was slow, but that just meant more time with these three really interesting characters: Maddie Rose, Rooster Cogburn, and LeBeuff. Each one was polar opposites of each other, but they just pulled out the most stuff out of each other. Both annoying and impressing not only each other, but themselves. And the wild west has never felt more authentic than with this movie. The Coen Brothers were able to make danger seem almost like a job in of itself for people like Rooster, but also incredible at the same time. Great movie!

After the movie, Justin, Will, Sean, and myself stuck around to just shoot the s**t and catch up. Promises of WRITING SOMETHING were made, and then we were off for home. And magically, all the way back to Will’s place to drop him off, we all improved a strange scene in which it begins with me trying to discuss my debt to a credit card company, and ends up with propositions of male prostitution and insults not meant. Truly a magical, insane, and R-rated skit. Thanks for the memories, guys!

After I got home, I was still awake enough to watch a movie. I checked out what was on my cable’s “On-Demand” and fired up Killshot, a 2008 “thriller” starring Mickey Rourke, Thomas Jane, Diane Lane, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

It was really bad. Especially after watching True Grit. This movie was barely on speaking terms with logic, and was never actually scary or thrilling. Confounding. Yes, confounding. That is Killshot. A confounding movie with confusing characters. Don’t watch it unless its 1:30 in the morning and you have nothing else to do… like I did.

Topics of Conversation: Gooey vegan, a long skit about debt management, blinking, Samurai baby, Judge John Hodgman, not touching chicken, French fry shake, script NANOWRIMO, the magic that is a briefcase full of money, etc.

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