Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today was mostly a relaxed day. I didn't want to do much running around. (Especially after staying up till 3 this morning).

I headed to Comics Unlimited to pick up The Walking Dead (#80). Its Part One of the "No Way Out" story arch. Not sure what's going to happen, but it looks very, very interesting so far. I chatted with Lainey and Mark for a bit. Lainey then preceeded to "hip-check" me twice. (Its one of those Roller Derby moves. Mostly, Lainey is a bully and revels in the power she feels).

I got to Norwalk and mostly worked on cleaning up my office/corner and once I was done, I headed home to chill out. I talked to Jamal for a bit on the phone, about his work and the unfortunate choice of character in True Grit that reminded him of me. (It was the dude that made animal noises.... I'm going kill Jamal). But it was funny, god help me.

I killed time on facebook (which its way too good at doing), and wrote this entry. Seriously, not much happened today.

Oh yeah! And the response to the "Nathan!" fake teaser has been pretty awesome. Thanks for all the kind words, peeps!

Topics of Conversation: Magic popcorn, Valhalla, hug training, Music Unlimited Vol. II, the tamales in question, easy Resolutions, Greek for "good-bye," ladder risk, burn more CD's, etc.


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