Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fake TV Teaser Trailers For Fake TV Shows

After the news of needing to work on the commerical we shot, Justin and I talked about what that would entail, and how best to accomplish our goal:


...upon further thought, that entire statement, if taken out of context, is kind of weird and makes you think wrong things. Rest assured, we only mean for him to be happy about the video we shot for him. Justin and I talked it out, and came to the conclusion that we have to grow up and act like professionals and get to work as soon as we can. Oh well, tis the real world...

I arrived at work at Norwalk, and found my friend/co-worker Bill in a surprisingly inspired mood. Apparently a facebook entry I had posted on a whimsical whim of fancy and whim caught his attention. This is the entry word for word: "If I had a TV show, what would the opening credits look like?"

That's it. Nothing more than an idle thought and day dream. I didn't expect much of a response from it, nor did I think anyone would put thought into it. Before I knew it, I had ten replies, with Bill being one of them. He evisioned a ton of snap zooms, which I was more than amused at. But Bill wasn't done there...

We decided to shoot a version of it: (Enjoy).


He edited this version, which is more of a fake TV teaser trailer for a fake TV show. Also, it friggin' awesome. I'm editing one that's more of the opening credits for a show. Personally, I think Bill's is beyond perfect.

After cutting it together, we had to get back to real work and shoot the first City Council Meeting of the year, which was over very quickly. Which was a pleasant surprise. Also, before all this, we all pooled our money for the $330 million dollar lotto. Might as well give it a shot, even if it a very slight chance.

After work, I met up with my friends Victor, Josh, Mai, Justin, and Chris for a night of tacos, endless Doctor Who talk, art galore, and two adorable pugs named Dozer and CK. I hadn't seen Josh and Mai in nearly two years, so it was a real treat for me. Today was a great day!

Topics of Conversation: Lunar azul, Avatar money, True Grit skit, Texas, CEO Pimp, a lot a' lotto, the opening credits to my non-existant TV show, online journal, Daniel Radcliffe as the Doctor, Winston Churchill the pug, time eddy, don't live in not California, "Which one is the people with the cat heads?", the upcoming Nerf War, a ton of Doctor Who geekery, two years between visits, "Gotta get to the gig!", etc.


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