Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Solid 60 Minute Block of "Woe Is Me"

I woke up and had some breakfast before heading out to run errands. This consisted of paying a bill and dropping off a paycheck. These pretty much cancel each other out. Annoying.

I then headed to Norwalk, which had a City Council Meeting tonight. It was a fairly standard meeting, except that finances and budgets kept popping up so here's to hoping things don't get scary, job security wise.

Speaking of jobs, I had a very slight chance for a very good job that I learned today just didn't pan out. It sucks. It actually sucks quite a lot. I need a better job, but I don't really have any prospects. I guess that's the same for everybody in America right now, so Boo f**king Hoo for Nate, right? Its hard to get angry and depressed at my life when so many people have it harder than me. But I'm living here, so it gets just as hard to think past my trials and tribulations.

So for an hour, I just wallowed. All by my lonesome. I gave myself one good solid 60 minute block of "woe is me." Sat in my little work nook and stared at a wall and did just about every generic, cliche broody guy action in the book. Mostly the emo staring into space thinking about how unfair the universe is to me. It was disgusting, comforting, and cathartic.

I'm not over it quite yet. This melancholy will be with me for a week or so more. I'm talking about getting over the possibility of a better situation in life. Not Lotto bulls**t, but hard working potential that I could truly earn. Whatever. Nobody really needs to hear anymore about this. Especially when I personally know people going through tougher stuff.

I headed home and sat down and realized that school was starting tomorrow. Crap. I am just not in the mood for school. What a wonderful start.

I'm shutting my whiny ass up.

Topics of Conversation: Stroganov, The Dude From Anaheim, don't ask guy friends, finances, talking to my brain, my monthly sad day, bubble water, Matt Damon, how to throw an antenna ball properly, etc.


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