Sunday, January 9, 2011

Procrastination By Osmosis

I keep burning CD’s for people, and I keep leaving them at home! Its frustrating. I hate that head rush after seeing a person and the memory of exactly what I meant to bring them hits me. I’d prefer feeling like cool dude with CD ready to go and looking slick. But what I DO get to be is the flustered guy who’s all “Wait, I have cool stuff for you but not with me so I should just forget about it till I see you next which is exactly what I will do and then I will do this entire soliloquy all over again cuz I forgot to bring it again!”

Yeah, so right, what I did today…

Not a thing.
Nothing at all.
No productivity at all.

I just didn’t want to accomplish anything today. Which is only a little, barely, okay because it was intentional, as opposed to my usual sexy go-getter daredevil self that just suddenly looks around and realizes I procrastinated by osmosis. I’m just a little fern of a man, in a basement of distracted reverie, yearning for the sun.

Wow, I’m using way more than my usual quota of imagery. Must be because I’m writing this at 2:16 am on the 10th of January (not the 9th as the date posted will lead you to believe) wondering what I should really settle down and achieve. Hey, maybe I just achieved it by sitting down and writing something.

I love to sleep, but I seem to rarely do it voluntarily.

Topics of Conversation: Carnies, a book nearly done being read, fake hot dog, Victorville, horses, penguin pajamas, non-harlots, band reunions *and friends, etc.


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