Saturday, January 1, 2011

Don't Open Dead Inside

On New Year’s Eve, I didn’t get as smashed as I usually do. “Usually” being the past two to three years. I let myself get pretty drunk for the turn of the year, but that didn’t happen this time around mostly because I didn’t want to get dumb-drunk in front of Jamal’s mom, who was kind enough to let us young no-gudnicks celebrate at her house.

So drunk I was not.

I got home and slept in till noon, which is ridiculous, but never stops feeling great. I have to get myself back into school sleep mode again, cuz the 19th is just two weeks away. G’ah! A curse upon skoolin’!

I went to Barnes & Noble to take part in some of the post-holiday sales they were offering, and since I still had over $40 in my gift card, I was hoping I could get something cool. And something cool I did get. I bought John Hodgman’s book More Information Than You Require… for 6 bucks! It’s a steal, and I will never tell Hodgman. I will just pretend I paid full price, if I ever have a chance to get him to sign it. And if it ever comes up in the 49-seconds conversation we would have. And if he was to suspect me. Which he wouldn’t.

Cuz I’m just too charming to be doubted.

After Barnes & Noble, I headed out and caught up with Carissa. We played Halo 3, and actually beat the sucker. Though Carissa ended up doing most of the hard work, as I was killed early and never had a chance to re-spawn to join in on the big boss fights. Argh. I never said I was great at gaming.

We gave each other our Christmas gifts. She gave me a T-shirt of The Walking Dead that said “Don’t Open Dead Inside.” Which made me laugh inside my head, because I thought to myself “Heh. I’m dead inside. Time for some guy-liner to make it official.” I didn’t share that thought with Carissa right then, because that thought could make a very confusing situation out of what I honestly felt was an awesome gift. I left it to the facts: I really dug the shirt! Its pretty cool, and I hope to wear it often and with much pride.

For Carissa, I bought her a copy of Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall. Though she barely had Volume 2 of the Fables TPB’s, the book is mostly prequel stuff that doesn’t give anything away. Also it was drawn real pretty like.

After the Halo-in’, I headed home and realized I really needed to at least start up on my blog again.

I look back on 2010, and realize I only recorded a little over half of it. That is both a personal disappointment, and a personal achievement at the same time. I’ve tried in the past to record my days, and barely made it past a week. But this time, I have nearly seven solid months of the entire year of 2010 written down. That’s not bad. Maybe I can do better for 2011. Or maybe not. We’ll have to wait and see.

So here it is. Read it up, and pass it along!

Topics of Conversation: Miss the parade, resolutions, XL shirts, Sunday in LA, wagging bob, headaches, farms in nowhere, couch crash, sleepy drunk cowboy serenading, red feet, etc.


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