Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Can't Draw (But I Try To Anyway)

The second day of school seems to be the polar opposite, at least in tone, of the first day. I started off the day with Computer Art class (PhotoShop and Illustrator). Since he was just getting everything organized and handing out the syllabus we could leave early. But I stuck around to try and get a handle on using the computer and Wacom tablet (which is insanely cool by the way). Here’s a doodle:

After the art class, I then headed to Visual Journalism. Its basically doing the same type of stuff I did last semester, except that I need to take more pictures and video. Plus, I got a new Press Card on the way! I’m looking forward to it.

After school, I headed to Justin’s place to catch up with him and shoot the breeze about the upcoming super hero movies of 2011. After The Green Hornet (which already came out), there’s Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, and X-Men: The First Class. It’s a busy year to be a fan boy.

I then grabbed some dinner with Sarah at Del Taco. After which I went to Barnes & Noble to grab some moleskine notepads. I got back home and called it a night.

Topics of Conversation: Blizzard, 17 cents, what rhymes with macaroni, what to blog about, white knight, mouth full of fries, Bella is still so stupid, keeping it vegan, correspondent nerd, choking, etc.


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