Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What The F**k Now?

Woke up and, before I even knew it, I booked nearly my entire weekend. How the hell? It feels like I got to figure out my schedule for the entire month! Maybe I need to cut back on this jet-setting, go-go-go life of mine.

I went to Comics Unlimited for my comic run, at which I bought the latest issue of Secret Six. Mark and Lainey were working today, and we chatted a bit before I had to head to work. At Norwalk, I did the usual, though we had a Planning Commission Meeting. It didn’t go for very long, so were done within an hour.

What took more than an hour was deciding that I wasn’t doing enough.

I sat down and started talking to Mike and Karmin. We talked about a lot of stuff, but the topic that seemed to keep coming back up could be summed up in a very simple theme: “What the f**k now?”

What do I mean? Well, last year (2010), the theme was kind of around the lines of “It’s about f**king time!” The time being that we make some realizations and try to act upon them. The actions being that we try to fix whatever the situation is, or to at least set into motion some form of fixing. Mostly, the theme was about finally being aware.

This time around, I can’t help but feel that “What the f**k now?” is about truly doing something about this new found, and hard-earned, knowledge. I realized last year that I needed to work towards changing my situation in life. So this year I’m going to really endeavor to finish school. I realize last year that I have a lack of actual hard proof of anything written or completed. This year I will write at least three things.

I’m aware that this is basically a New Year’s Resolution, though I like to think of it as a New Year’s Revolution. (Yes, you actually read that right. Yes, I actually wrote that. Yes, I’m aware of how stupid I sound).

Another thing that I want to change is the lack of content I have. Content, that is, of the video variety. Mike also realized that he needed more practice lighting. And Karmin realized that she wanted to make more ideas come to life. So together, we made a vow to work this coming Sunday on shooting whatever comes to mind to shoot. No matter the idea, no matter the silliness, we wanted to complete something of note. Of note to ourselves, if nothing else.

Well this entry turned into a very “FOR FRODO” rally cry for creativity and accomplishment. Here’s to hoping I don’t let myself down.

Topics of Conversation: Sneaky minx, Elvis country, Nerf Herder, a Hypothesis concerning Johnny Cash, Geek LVL UP, catty towards the dead, armchair psychiatrist, 40 minute wait, shame of a nation, a thorough e-mail, tamale, weird horror, stolen pistachios, “SHOW-VA-NIZIM,” people I’d rather not know exist, etc.


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