Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wall St. Manor

The other day I picked up some work for the City of Lakewood. That day of work being today. So really, I should be talking about today’s work mainly. I’m starting to confuse myself.


The shoot was for “Community Digest,” which was a live broadcast for Lakewood News and Events. I was ran audio, which meant manning the sound board, mostly. The shoot itself isn’t too difficult, just tricky because it’s live. So no delay, and no editing. Fortunately, we did a run-through before the live shoot. Once I figured out what I needed to keep an eye on, I was ready to kick the tires and light some fires.

After the shoot, I headed to Signal Hill to hang out with Victor. This was the first time I’d ever been to his place since he moved out from his old place. He was now at a new house, which he shared with six other housemates. Believe me, it works out fairly well, cuz the place is really big. Plus, his roomies seem to be pretty cool.

After we grabbed some food from a place called “Wok ‘n Roll” (I dig the name, and the food sounded good), we went back to the house, which I deem Wall St. Manor. This is mostly due to the fact that the house is the setting for a web series called…. Yep, you guessed it: Wall St. Manor. Its made by some of the roommates, one (or two) of which is a Film major at CSULB. No, I do not know if that is how real life is like at Victor’s place.

Vic and I ended up watching a ton of The Sarah Jane Adventures, specifically the episodes that guest-starred the Doctor (from Doctor Who). (Why hello, yes, I’m Nathan and I’m a giant geek. Pleased to meet you). And another high light was watching the Robot Chicken: Star Wars Special III. All of these brought me great happiness. It was a great night, all said and done.

Topics of Conversation: The new generation of Roller Derby, pale shadows, November, of all questions, audio stuff, oh the 90's, rent of 7, the gig, free spaghetti, scary Tom Baker, French, etc.


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