Sunday, January 16, 2011

Editor's Note

(Editor’s Note: These events are directly related to the January 12th blog “What The F**k Now?”)

(Editor’s Note: There is no Editor).

As I swore to myself on January 12th, Mike, Karmin, and I got our asses in gear and headed to Norwalk to shoot/practice/fail/succeed as we saw fit. We had three ideas, and they were as follows:

1- A poem shot as artsy-fartsy as was necessary.
2- A silly skit starring Mike.
3- A “How To” video of my own devising.

(Editor’s Note: There was actually a fourth idea that wasn‘t written down in time to be remembered).

As the day progressed… we only did one and half of our planned “shot list.” We shot the entire poem, using myriad lights and filters. This took the lion’s share of the work today, and barely left us time to shoot the first half of Mike’s skit. But, all in all, today was a success in my book. And we can get to my “How To” vid at some point, I’m in no rush. I just wanted to shoot something today, and we did.

And not only did we shoot an entire project, we also learned some stuff along the way. Namely, whatever it takes to make something work, whether it be a certain shot or a use of light, then do it.

Afterwards, before she went home, Karmin dropped Mike off near his car. Mike came back to the studio to do some editing, while I remained at Norwalk for a bit longer to catch up on my blogs. I was getting close to being three days behind, and I’ve already been 4 months behind once before.

(Editor’s Note: It might have actually been FIVE months behind).

I then went over to Amy’s place to watch the last three or so episodes of the first season of Angel with Amy and Aaron. It was a pretty good bunch of last episodes for the season, and now we can’t wait to start watching Buffy Season Five and Angel Season Two.

Oh yeah, tomorrow is a Holiday! I completely forgot.

(Editor’s Note: Nathan could not come up with a decent title for this blog entry).

Topics of Conversation: Color bar skat, soggy-salty-greasy, turn off the light, a 25% chance, projects done, headachey, orange juice elixir, no longer sick, tea to coffee, tap dancing, sounds like Ayn Rand, Gatoroid?, etc.

(Editor’s Note: The “Topics of Conversation” are probably Nate’s favorite section of his blogs).


(Editor’s Note: We are aware that really is no reason for the “-Nate” at the end of every blog. It’s a waste of time. Sorry).

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