Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hipster Ground Zero

Started off this little adventure of a Saturday by heading over to Jamal’s place to watch Mystery Team. I got the DVD for Christmas from Justin, and have been wanting to watch the movie again for a while.

After the movie, Jon, Ben, and Kevin joined us. We all drove down to Anaheim to grab some food and go to something called “Community Art Show” off of Brookhurst Street. Before that, we grabbed some food at a place called Cortina’s. Amazing food as usual, and loud conversations from all of us to boot. I ordered my favorite: the pesto pasta. This food, and the company, made sure that I was very happy for the rest of the evening.

At the Art Show, which was Hipster Ground Zero that night, we met up with Katy, and two friends from Jamal and the guys days in their ska band Caffeinated Super-Heroes, Dez and Robert. They were in a band called Stalking Roxy, which played with the Super-Heroes a lot back in the day. These two are really cool, and it was great to catch up with them, what with the little talk I had with them in the past.

The Art Show itself wasn’t too bad. Some pieces worked for me more than others, but hey its art, so that’s to be expected. I suppose my favorite piece was a black framed drawing of a punk girl, followed closely by an archway made of wood pallets. Though I had a kick pretending to explain the meaning of a piece to Katy and Kevin.

It consisted of a mannequin torso, with a cow skull for a head, and metal frame in front of it that seemed to look suspiciously a lot like it was targeting below the waist of the torso, which had a display of little flowers and a burnt-out candle. If you can follow my faux logic/critique, then you would be amused by the pretend distracted voice I used to explain it. (BLOGGING: Theater of the Mind!)

After the Art Show, Dez and Robert headed back home, while Jamal, Jon, Katy, Kevin, Ben, and myself headed to a bar… which was an event in of itself.

STRIKE ONE!: Some place nearby called “Bottom’s Up.” The place was so packed, we ended up just leaving. But before that, we ran into someone that had changed a heck of a lot, and not in a good way. (*picture me shaking my head slowly and sadly*)

STRIKE TWO!: Then we went to Linbrook Bowling, but though the karaoke that was going on was intriguing, the place was packed even MORE to the gills. We left slightly dejected.

Nope, we didn’t strike out three times. We went to this little shot glass of a hole in the wall called “Cups.” It was a small place, but much more reasonably patronized. We settled in quickly.

Justin joined us at Cups, and we went on to have a few drinks and a lot of laughs. Katy and I played a game of Foosball with Jamal and Jon, who won fair and square… no, on second thought, I’m sure they cheated. It makes more sense to me, and I’m not being defensive SHUT UP.

Eventually we called it a night and headed home. I dropped off Justin, after chatting for a bit, and then went home and slept the sleep of a guy that should have already been asleep an hour earlier.

Topics of Conversation: Arf arf, what is a One?, Paramount, one week limit, sparkling apple cider, Foosball, a long wait for two songs, the Ben Quotient, man up, lovin’ the 80’s, long shots for the future, thin skin, OC pics, how to be remembered, bars, I am a beacon, etc.


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