Thursday, January 13, 2011

Doesn't the Zodiac Have Enough Innuendo?

I started off the morning by rapidly running some much needed errands of the bill paying variety. Ugh. The less said, the better. Afterwards, I headed over to my friend Mike’s place.

We watched an episode of The IT Crowd, which I have to say is funny in such a way that pleases me. It’s a British show about three friends who are each weird in their own way, and the odd world they inhabit. Since I’ve only seen one episode, I can’t tell you much more, except that its pretty clever, and has the hallowed Nate Seal of Approval.

We then played Halo: Reach for a few hours. The game is gamer junkie addictive. I’m lucky I was able to tear myself away before being completely sucked into the vortex of pixels. I pulled myself away in time to meet up with Justin before we watched The Dilemma with our friends Ben and Jon.

Ben had been able to score a free screening a week ago, so though I wouldn’t have normally got around to watching it in the theaters, I had a fairly good reason to catch it now. The movie itself is actually good, with some great laughs, and some actual excellent dramatic moments. My personal favorite scene was of Ronnie (Vince Vaughn) by himself on a bus stop (completely by himself). But he delivers one heck of a performance. And Ron Howard (the Director) throws in some inspired visual flair, and handles the funny and the serious really well.

That being said, the movie suddenly goes by the numbers on certain parts. The dilemma of the characters loses a little bit of its punch, and some out and out stupidity throws me for a loop once or twice. But otherwise, this flick is worth its money. Or at least its matinee price.

After the movie, Ben, Jon, Justin, and myself hung around to talk a little more. In this span of time, my friend Katie made a surprise appearance. She had returned from a family trip to Texas, and she, along with a friend, were going to watch The Green Hornet at midnight. We caught up a little, and promised to meet up at some point.

After this, Ben and Jon headed off for their respective homes, and I dropped off Justin at his place. I came home, fired up the internet… to find that a 13th Zodiac symbol had been added? Say friggity WHAT? Here’s an example of something NOT earning the hallowed Nate Seal of Approval.

And why did they decide this after all this time? What is it with this stuff? First they strip Pluto’s title as a planet away from it (8 planets in our Solar System? NEVER. Its always going to be NINE planets to me, fools!) Then they call Obama a Nazi Socialist. NOW there’s some kind of Opiphian or Opedophelia or whatever sign?

And because of that I get bumped to being an ARIES.

Nothing against Aries’. I love you all, you’re good people. But I enjoyed being a Taurus. It was cool, and I was cool with it. I will remain a Taurus. So suck it, random Astrologists! Oh yeah! And the new symbol is supposed to be a man holding a snake. How much innuendo do we need in the Zodiac? I thought there was enough as is.

On better news, Ricky Gervais killed on his appearance on Conan tonight. The dude is funny, and I’m looking forward to his upcoming project. Apparently he sat down with three comedians and just had a four hour conversation with them. But what’s really interesting is who he talked with: Louis C.K.! Chris Rock! And Jerry Seinfeld!

I’m so down for whatever this becomes. Till next entry!

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