Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Own Mechanizing

Today was the day I became 20% manlier. Yes, for you see, I (with A LOT of help from my Uncle Jon) did actual work on my car. We did not take my car to a mechanic! NO! We did our own mechanizing! It was pretty awesome.

I drove to my uncle’s place in Tustin and the first thing we did was replace the drive belt. The old one was still good, but since it had come off once before, we decided to play it safe and install a new one. I’m keeping the old one as a spare in case I ever need it.

The next thing, which took the most amount of time, and was the original reason for working on my car, was replacing the brake pads on my car. The squeaking noise of impending brake death had been nagging me for over a month, so as my Christmas present, my Uncle had offered to buy new brake pads and help me install them. I jumped at the chance.

The process itself isn’t very difficult, its just time consuming to do it properly. First you remove the wheel, then you remove the brake pistons, and then you take out the old brake pads. You put in the new pads, and then reverse the entire process. But you have to be careful because this is the mechanism that stops your car. You don’t want to f**k that up.

After the new brake pads, we noticed a small oil leak, and my Uncle tightened down the bolts for the oil and transmission pan. Hopefully that will fix it, but we won’t know for a little bit.

After my car was returned to fighting condition, I met up with Jamal and Justin to watch The Green Hornet.

I was surprised by how much I liked this movie. Though Seth Rogen doesn’t play Green Hornet so much as he plays Seth Rogen as Green Hornet, he still does a pretty good job with the part. Jay Chou as Kato is amazing, and their friendship comes off really genuine and fun. The visuals are awesome throughout the movie, though it really feels like Michel Gondry is holding back a lot, and too much at times. There are a few scenes where he cuts loose, and they are astounding. “Kato Vision” is insanely fun, and the fight scenes look great. And their car, the Black Beauty? It puts every version of the Batmobile to the test.

Anyways, this movie was the first Buddy Hero flick, and I would recommend watching it just for that. Jamal and Justin also liked the movie, so I am not alone in liking this flick.

But I feel that the three of us might be alone as a trio in liking this movie. We’ll have to wait and see.

Topics of Conversation: Tonsils, resumes, brake pads, Green Hornet, rape is a big problem there, your fatness - no wait it’s a compliment!, movie of my life, fake German, Tiki Dad, etc.


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