Sunday, May 16, 2010


I went over to Amy's place to watch a metric ton of Buffy eps from Season 3 with her and Aaron. Other than some talking/texting throughout the day, that's really all I did today. I completely devoted it to all that is Buffy.

But in my defense, these are some of the best episodes to watch!:

Lover's Walk
The Wish
The Zeppo
Bad Girls

The Wish alone is my favorite episode, not only because its already amazing on its own, but for the fact that it is the Alternate Reality episode. Almost every show has done a version of this at some point. Because its fun! Its fun to follow the dominoes that have fallen. How if one thing didn't happen, then something else would have happened instead. And so on, and so on.

And in this version, there was one awesome, dark possibility after another. I tell you, I couldn't get enough. I would be perfectly happy if every season had a "What If...?" episode. But that might just be me.

I've spent a lot of time (some might say "too much") wondering about how things would have turned out if one factor was taken out. All the way from world wars to turning left at a light instead of right. Its fun to try and figure out where all the pieces could have ended up. Sometimes, this mental exercise can turn into sad, emo yearning for a different path in life, but I'm at peace with most of my choices I've made.

(Except for the "taking a break from school" choice. Argh. I'm paying for that).

As for the night, it was really cool, and we got WAY caught up with Season 3, all in one night.

Topics of Conversation: Waffles, marathon bliss, cabbage, tip toeing around the spoilers, making plans with chicken and zombies, trying to figure out the half-way point between LA and Anaheim, etc.


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