Friday, May 14, 2010

Dear Playstation

No, no, this blog is not going to be an open letter to Playstation. I haven’t played enough games to justify that. Though I do own the Playstation 2 and its been bugging me with its frustrating lack of being able to play most Playstation 1 games.

As you can see by that last sentence, I am very far away from the cutting edge.

Today was the busiest I’ve had in a while. And the most ambitious in an even longer while than that last while I mentioned. To start off, I had agreed to help Colin by shooting his “Dear Playstation” question. I would follow that up with a Podcast with Bobby and Justin, and probably catch up with Patrick later in the day.

Holy crap, that’s a lot of stuff.

So what’s a “Dear Playstation” question? I’m glad you asked. It’s a question that Playstation asked its fans to ask via the magic of the internet.


Dear Playstation, why is the PS3 painted black? Are you getting all emo and trying to corner the market for kids that cut themselves and identify way too deeply with Dante from Devil May Cry?”

And then Kevin Butler, the “VP of Playstation,” responds with something witty and cleverly edited.

[Here's an example, if you like]

(By the way, the question above would have been my unmodified question if I had known about this thing before Colin informed me of its existence yesterday).

So for Colin’s question, it mostly involved spoilers and the new controller for Playstation. (The new wands were updated controllers that would be the in direct competition with the Wii. They look a little silly, but then, so do the Wii remotes). Colin would threaten to ruin the E3 reveal, and then Butler would “send” me to confiscate all of Colin’s stuff and the new remote and to rough up Colin a bit.

It was fun, and a pretty good idea, but as I usually get when I need to shoot something and not screw it up, I didn’t really have time to enjoy it that much. But laughs were still had, and I hope Colin liked the end product. I'll ask him if he's cool with people seeing the end product.

A simple idea that I knew would only take an hour or so to experiment with and shoot. With this knowledge, I made plans to meet up with Bobby and Justin for the pod cast at 1:00. Unfortunately, I had completely and utterly forgotten to factor in editing time. I wasn’t done with the “Dear Playstation” bit until almost 2:30.


I called them and begged for their forgiveness, and luckily they granted it. Colin dropped me off at Bobby’s place and soon we were set up and talking, joking, and generally geeking out at full power in minutes.

The podcast was for Bobby’s blog: “Too Much Lime.” As for the podcast segment, he calls it the “Limejuice Podcast,” and it is quite mighty indeed. We talked for roughly an hour and a half, which is pretty insane all said and done. We must have started a hundred different topics, and ended about half that. We even had a few writing/geek games about what we would do with intellectual properties and the like.

Anyways, the whole podcast was a hoot and a half, and as soon as its up and running, I will post a link. Though a quick disclaimer to the faint of heart: There are a lot of adult language and themes, so please don’t tell my mom.

After that, Gina treated us to some kickass, oven fresh sugar cookies! They were delicious, especially considering I hadn’t eaten all day. Bobby had to head to work, and Justin dropped me off at my place. Justin’s nephew was having some birthday stuff, or possibly wasn’t, or possibly was… yeah, plans were in limbo. So Justin was going to try and meet up with me and Patrick if he could.

I met up with Patrick at Taco Surf. And as it turned out, Justin was able to make it to. I got the three taco special (sweet dancing Zeus, do I like their tacos!), and we chatted about Patrick’s upcoming Thailand trip for the movie he was Art EVERYTHING for. Afterwards, we headed to Justin’s place and kept talking for a few more hours. When my eyes started to close without my consent, I called it a night, dropped off Patrick, and headed home.

I got home and was awake enough to surf the web for a bit. I looked around on my e-mail, did some facebook chatting, and passed out.

Topics of Conversation: The Goo Goo Gaga Tour, sugar cookies, Thailand of Love, Studio names, the unlikely choice, questionable parking, computer crashes, a meatless breakfast burrito, the maturity level of the career minded, my traitorous car, intense enthusiasm, etc.


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