Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do I Have a Word In My Number?

Today was a day devoted to Norwalk. I mostly got ready to go to work, drove to work, and stayed at work for a long time. Not at all sad, just stating that I wasn’t doing anything other than the job thing.

Well, mostly…

I suddenly realized that my cell number could have a word in it. What? What am I talking about? Well here it goes. Its quite simple. Take “1-800-GOT-MILK”, right? (Its an example, stay with me).

1-800-GOT-MILK is actually 1-800-468-6455 because of that whole letter “code” that is on all phones. 2=ABC, 3=DEF, 4=GHI and so on. So I got to thinking… do I have a word in my number?

So I got to doodling.

No, I won’t give away my whole number on the internet. Sorry, I know you all wanted to call me up and talk about your whole day and all the bizarre things said at school by that weird dude in 4th Period History. I need my levels of privacy, too. So I will omit most of my phone number:


There. Let’s get started.

9=WXYZ, 2=ABC, 4=GHI, and 7=PQRS.

XBHQ. What does that even mean? YAHR. Would that make me an agreeable pirate? WBIP. Is that like a radio station? ZCGR. Huh?

Okay, for now I will settle with “ZAGS.” As in “ZAGS” instead of Zigs. Its not that great, but my choices are very limited.

As for the rest of my work day, I discovered that the new work shirts were in! And they looked… exactly like the old work shirts, except with a different logo sewn on. I had been hoping for a new color for the shirt, but I could understand why they didn’t change the color. Easier transition, and we already knew how long these shirts would last. Over three years, at least.

The night also had a City Council Meeting we had to shoot. It went by fairly quickly, and we were soon done for the day.

Topics of Conversation @ Norwalk: Emoticons, Lightning Bolt!, epicness, Big Talk, “Tomorrow I Love You, I Love You Tomorrow,” strawberry addiction, leaving the party early, being a bearded guru, etc.


Quick Nate Note!: In the “Topics” segment, I also include texts from throughout the day. So if anyone is thinking I’m having conversations that I didn’t, its because technically I’m having a conversation through text. I’m probably cheating by including those.

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