Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thanks, Mom!

I woke up at 6:26 in the morning to get my mom some flowers. I would have got some last night, but I didn’t want them to have a chance to start getting droopy. So I got the flowers and could have sworn I made a racket getting in through the door and putting the flowers in a vase. I set the flowers up prominently on the kitchen table and set the card under them. My parents slept on, oblivious to my machinations.

I went back to sleep.

I woke to the happy exclamations of my mom’s discovery of the flowers and card. I smiled, relieved. Thank god I didn’t just dream about picking up the flowers. I’ve had dreams in the past where I literally did everything I would need to do when I wake up. Those dreams piss me off.

I joined my parents for breakfast and we chatted about random stuff. Then my mom had to head to work.

Patrick called me in the afternoon, and we talked about all the preparation he would need to do for the upcoming movie he was going to do all the art and makeup for. It was intimidating, but the prospects were exciting. I offered to help him, if he needed it. He might take me up on the offer.

I headed to Border’s to kill some time and return an old book that I changed my mind on. I mostly spent my time reading up on Batman & Robin and various paperbacks. It was nice and chill.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom!

Topics of Conversation: Gifts of mystery, were-cats, hair plugs, Thailand, over 18 hours of labor (my mom’s), etc.


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