Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It was Cinco de Mayo and I didn’t do any drinking in celebration. Sorry about that. I missed the memo. But I’ll get on it next year.

As for the rest of the day, I spent trying to catch up to my usual schedule. This time with a special cameo appearance by a new friend made at the Anaheim Comic Con: Carissa! Cool lady with a Mustang for a car. Its almost a contradiction, if it didn't seem so RIGHT.

We went to Comics Unlimited to do the comic run shuffle, where I picked up Buffy the Vampire Slayer (#35), Secret Six (#21), The Boys (#42), and Brightest Day (#01). All of these were pretty good reads, though Buffy better start explaining itself soon, or I’m going to go a little bat-s**t on it.

After the shop, I ate teriyaki with Carissa, and we caught up on all the little bits and pieces of the week and month that had gone by. I guess one of my favorite things to do is learn more about my friends, and all the other people in my life.

As I progress along with this, I picture each friend as being in their own version of Memento. With less murder of course. Everyone we meet, we meet them after the events of their lives have already taken place. The big stuff that made them who they are. I’m not saying they’re done growing as people, just that entire movies have already gone by before you join in. From now on, you will be making cameo appearances in their movie, and vice versa. But before you encountered them, they had their own life. And I like finding out what it was before I stumbled upon them.

After lunch, I had to head to work at Norwalk. I dropped off Carissa, and launched myself onto the freeway to another day of occupational responsibility. It was a quiet day there as well. I mostly cable casted and ended making plans to catch up with Lainey for lunch tomorrow.

Topics of Conversation @ Comics Unlimited & the teriyaki joint: Taxi service, better driving through comics, natural evil eye, disasters, when one wishes they were surprised, godmothers, the black hole of hunger, etc.


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