Thursday, May 20, 2010

Very Obvious Code

After I had went on my comic run yesterday, Lainey had thrown some code at me as I was leaving the shop.

“Maybe you can get Lost?” said Lainey.

I know, normally that is very obvious code for “Go away, you are dumb and ugly and I don’t like you.” But for once in my life, that was not the case. Notice how I capitalized the “L” in “Lost.” That’s right, gentle readers, as in the addictive (and oft times confusing) TV show! And Lainey was my dealer.

I hung out with her to watch more of Season 2 of Lost. Quite a few episodes actually. I think we ended up on episode nine, and I am liking it a lot, if not quite as much as Season 1. And I got the very strong feeling that if I was watching it an episode at a time every week, I might be a lot angrier. But all in big chunks like this seem to make it very enjoyable. Lainey didn’t seem to be annoyed at my voracious rate of viewing.

I felt bad at times, because it seems wrong to use the poor girl only to watch Lost, but I am a man of low moral standing. Though I tried to pay her back by helping her with her bike, which had a flat. We went to Wal-Mart to buy some stuff for the tire. It was some goop called “Slime” and I wasn’t too sure about its chances. I checked out how much eye exams went for at Wal-Mart, which aren’t too bad a cost. I need to check Costco’s prices next.

After a hiccup concerning a “tool” that comes with the Slime, we got back to Lainey’s place to try and fix the bike. We got the tire filled with the stuff, and pumped air into the tire, as per the directions. As of this writing, it seemed to be working so far. Here’s to hoping!

[UPDATE!] Nope, the Slime failed within moments of actual bike riding.

Quick side note about Hemlock, Lainey’s cat. She has discovered bubbles. And she is crazy adorable. You must see it to experience happiness fully.

Topics of Conversation @ Lainey’s: Curry ketchup, Slime, broken tool, cat burrito, nobody speaks Korean, bubbles, more information than none, Futurama, roller skating, working out car rides on a barter system, impromptu singing, etc.


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