Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I started the morning with a good, long talk with my dad about the next step I needed to get back on track and to have a more solid foundation for my life. Yeah, it wasn’t all fun, but the outcome was good and I felt a little more focused.

Afterwards, I headed to Comics Unlimited to mostly hang out and talk with Lainey and Mark, who were running the store today. It was cool to hang out, if only for an hour before I had to head to work. We shot the breeze and mostly made each other laugh. That’s a pretty awesome relationship to have, and I love that I can go to shop to do that. But I promise that as soon as I become financially stable, I’m buying me some comics.

I got to Norwalk, and we had quite an interesting Planning Commission Meeting ahead of us. What made this one more amusing was the fact that the only item on the agenda to be discussed, and I mean the absolute only item, was THIS kooky little thing:

An appeal of the denial of an Animal Permit for one-hundred fifty (150) pigeons, one (1) dog, three (3) cats, five (5) turtles, one (1) cockatiel/bird, and one (1) chinchilla.”

Truly, the chinchilla alone makes this funny, if not including the fact that the family owns 150 pigeons. 150. Who needs 150 pigeons? Doesn’t their car get crapped on enough by the wild ones? Well, a man that is dabbling in pigeon genetics would probably need that many pigeons, I guess.

And this fella, in fact, is dabbling in pigeon genetics. “Pigeonetics” if you will.

Yeah, he’s trying to breed different color pigeons. As for why, I’m not sure. Its not like pigeons are known for how much people love them. Many refer to them as “flying rats.” Pigeons got some pretty bad press to work through. But this guy doesn’t care, or doesn’t listen.

In fact, he can’t listen.

Did I mention he has really bad hearing problems? His wife had to join him at the podium to repeat everything the Commission said to him. So the Commission would say something to him, the guy would look at them blankly, and then turn to his wife. She, in turn, would have to quickly summarize what they said in a fairly loud voice so that the guy could hear. And she had to say all this next to a microphone, because they were standing at podium, so we would all have to hear it as well.

It was a very surreal Commission meeting, to say the least.

As for the chinchilla, their might be a home for it yet. Many members of the Commission seemed to be sympathetic to it and the other animal’s plight. Except for the pigeons, because no one likes pigeons, no matter how many colors they come in.

Topics of Conversation: Ever-Lasting Diet Dr. Pepper, a-hole Broham roller skaters, doing “Just Enough,” Douchy McDoucherton, playing favorites, Ren Faire, pigeon ownership, Emo Girl, Horror movie idea!, Nazi Avian Genetics, ZZ Top look-a-like, showers/toilets, inquisitive cat sounds, men can hug, how posters can bring joy, Oceanography, Dinosaurs: The Devil’s Creation, etc.


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