Monday, May 24, 2010

Matt Lauer Can Suck It

I taped another Water Board Meeting for Lakewood. It was exciting as it always is. Though they were having problems with a water leak above the council chambers which I thought had a funny symbolism to it.

I talked to my boss, Steve, and a co-worker, Joe, for a bit before heading out to the bank to cash a check. I also made plans to meet up with Carissa for lunch. We ended up grabbing some teriyaki (Again. I’m a fiend for the stuff, man) at a place on Beach called Aloha Teriyaki. It wasn’t a bad joint. I’d probably go there again some time. And the company was fun, which usually makes food better.

I headed to Norwalk after, which was slow, as it always is on Mondays. I stayed a little later to grab some equipment that had been used by the Finances department for a presentation. They went for way longer than had been expected, and I had to load up two portable pull-up screens, two projectors, one laptop, a microphone, various cables, and a big, cumbersome speaker all by myself.

I did it one trip. BOO YAH!

I got home and watched Will Ferrell’s Land of the Lost on On-Demand.

Not many of my friends liked it that much, so that steered me away from watching it in theaters. To be honest, I actually liked the movie a lot. Some of Will Ferrell’s schtick gets old at times, but other than that, I was really into the movie. It has that fun, improvised humor feel to it, wrapped in a big budget action-adventure movie. And I really wanted to explore the Land of the Lost in Land of the Lost. So kudos to them on that.

And the Matt Lauer stuff made me laugh. They were great bumpers to the movie. Would I have liked it as much if I paid $10? I’m not sure, but I liked it on Cable.

Topics of Conversation: Repair Insurance, water bottle shower, cocoNOTS or Coconauts, the Fake Grape Emporium, scans, complete support, Swedish Ireland, spam, 27% Hawaiian, Wyoming, weird sweaters, was someone strange BEFORE or AFTER getting rich?, freedom without cars, etc.


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