Monday, May 17, 2010

Wisdom Comes With Fine Print

I started off the day grabbing some lunch with Carissa at Bob’s Burger. I had a hankering for a Greek burger joint, and luckily Carissa was game. It was a good burger, but the best part was the French fries which are always delicious at places like this. I would swim naked in their French fries. And then I would go to the hospital for second degree burns.

Carissa has been having a hard time as of late, and I mostly listened to her worries. It was nice to be their for her, and felt like a cool guy with wisdom. Unfortunately, my wisdom comes with fine print, which mostly runs the gamut of explaining that I have not solved even 50% of my problems, and that I can be pretty clueless myself. Heed my words at your own risk.

But if you would like some advice from me, then good luck.

The best advice I can give is that I will listen. That’s all anyone really, really needs. Somebody that will shut up for a second. That may not be Old Man in the Mountains wise, but its simple and usually exactly what someone needs the most. People can usually work out there stuff on their own, they just need to hear the situation and possible solution out loud.

Carissa seemed to be in a better place after lunch, so who knows? Maybe I helped.

I headed to Norwalk after lunch and spent most of my time looking over the bulletin pages on the Norwalk TV channel. Some were out of date, while others were in need of some sprucing up. I even had to shrink down a few paragraphs to fit the screen better. As to why they were wrong in the first place, sometimes glitches just start to add up with how long a page sits by itself, and with how many times they play a day.

Nice chill work. And necessary too, so I felt useful.

Topics of Conversation: The 3 Burial Revenge Scenario, Greek French fries, awkward stand-up comedy, scorched earth policy, reading chicken scratch, solar oven, “A” and “B,” months in the making, teen folley, etc.


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