Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lost Pizza

I headed over to Lainey’s place to hang out and grab some lunch. It had been a while since the last time we had hung out, and I hadn’t seen her cat, Hemlock, in a long time. The cat was getting really big after only 4 months! She was a little more tolerant of me this time around, but only just. And Hemlock seemed nicer, too. Hey! (I’m kidding, Lainey).

Having an opening bit/monologue doesn’t work as well without a live band and an audience track.

We went to Del Taco for lunch and talked about birthdays and how not to plan them. I found myself slightly concerned over the fact that I did not have much of a plan for my upcoming birthday. At the same time, I didn’t feel all that bothered by that possibility when I really thought about it. My Birthdays aren’t something I get all that worked up about.

We headed back over to her place and decided on watching Lost Season 2 for the remainder of the day. I had yet to see any of this season, and she had it on NetFlix, so we blasted through a ton and a half of the episodes. I didn’t really catch the names of the eps, but I could google them.
At one point, Patrick called to invite me to get some pizza. He also called with some awesome information: a movie project that he had been working on some monster designs for was getting greenlit! That meant that he would be getting paid to do designs on an actual movie! This was awesome news indeed, and deserved some pizza and camaraderie. After finishing up another episode with Lainey, I bid her farewell, and headed to Garden Grove.

I met up with Patrick at a Pizza Hut, and we talked about the amazing and annoying possibilities that came with such an opportunity. We also talked about women and all the headaches they can bring, but hey, what’s new there, right? (I hope all my friends whom are women, lovely, forgiving women, don’t get angry at me and kick my ass). After pizza, we were walking to our cars when we heard a racket from across the way.

It was karaoke.

Apparently, the Kelly’s Coffee on Chapman and Brookhurst hosts karaoke 4 to 5 days a week. And we were hearing some pretty crazy takes of Eminem and other 90’s standbys. Patrick and I looked at each other and decided to check it out.

Checking it out quickly turned into singing. Hey, that’s how karaoke works. It sucks you in, and you suddenly find yourself singing “Oliver’s Army” at the top of your lungs. At least I did tonight. Patrick and I sang “Build Me Up Buttercup” and “I Want You Back.” We were pretty sexy at it, too.

Topics of Conversation @ Lainey’s & Pizza Hut: Fake chicken, talking at gun point, the Ripple Fund, avoiding rumors, birthday blues, shaved cat, “I don’t like you” said Lainey, for want of a french fry, watermelon jelly beans, walking a thin line, etc.


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