Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I had a shoot in the morning for Lakewood. A sign was being installed on the 605 near the Del Amo exit. The sign said John Stanford Todd Memorial Highway. We were mostly doing some coverage of the Public Works crew that was installing the sign, as well as some time lapse of their work. We covered it from putting the metal sign on the two wooden posts, to digging the hole, and to finally stationing the entire sign in place.

All in all, a very simple shoot. We were done in a few hours and I was heading out to something I wasn’t really looking forward to. It was something that everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives. Something nobody wants to.

I went to the DMV.

Basically, my license was expired on my birthday (yeah, I was pushing my luck), but I could have just sent money in and been done with it. But I really don’t like my picture. I don’t hate it either, for that matter. Its just… a driver’s license picture. Only a small percentage of people like their picture. For the rest of us, we have to find a way to strive on. But I wanted to change it. So I did.

…After waiting for two hours. Argh.

I got in line, got my number, and sat down to wait. My number was #G163. The best part? They JUST called #G091. And they had other imaginary numbers like B121, C053, J008, and H142. Really, it was a long, painful roll call just to make sure we all knew we had been reduced to numbers and codes. The DMV is exhausting and boring. But I don’t need to tell you that.

Finally my number was called in a flurry of letters and digits, and paid for my license and got a new picture. What does it look like, one might ask? I have no idea. And judging by the staggering display of apathy on the picture-taker’s face, I wouldn’t be knowing anything until the two weeks he told me it would take to arrive at my home.

After that exercise of patience, I headed to Norwalk. We had a Planning Commission Meeting we had to shoot, which we knocked out, and I was home before you could say “Planning Commission Meeting.”

Topics of Conversation @ Lakewood & Norwalk: Underwear laws, Discovery, digging for water, bonfire jumping, Staff Infection Steve, making fun of convulsions, the Gay Chicken song, poor choices in pet names, democracy at work, etc.


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