Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is Giddy An Adjective I Can Use?

The morning started out busy, and after shaking off the effects of the late night I had, I was soon conscious enough to operate heavy machinery. I picked up Jamal and Justin and headed to USC to do a read-through of “Chron-Illogical” with an actor friend of ours named Jason, who would meet up with us there. The drive up was great times. We caught up with each other, and Jamal told a great story about a recent visit to a Lazer Tag place. Let’s just say it had all the drama, intrigue, and betrayal that the best of mob movies could only hope to achieve.

We parked at a Denny’s across the street from the University, and after grabbing some caffeine at a nearby Starbucks, we headed to the school. We had just grabbed a classroom before Jason met up with us. We passed out the scripts and got down to the business of pretending to be fictional people. It was a cold read, with both Jamal and Jason having only looked over the script once before.

I was fairly giddy after the first read. Is giddy an adjective I can use? You know, being a guy and all. Well, whatever, I was giddy, dammit!

Jamal was doing a really good job, though I had already been fairly certain of that. But I was very happy to see Jason’s take on the material. I had yet to ever see him in action for this particular part. And I could tell it would be strong come the day of actual taping.

Afterwards, Jason took off, and Jamal, Justin, and I headed back to the OC to get some lunch. We ate at Cortina’s, and I had the Pesto Chicken Pasta, which was crazy good. Later, we dropped Justin back at his place, from which he would be heading back to LA for a screening of a movie for the Asian Film Fest. I would have come along, but when I leave LA, I can’t bring myself to want to go back.

Instead, I joined Jamal, and later Ben, in catching up with Doctor Who, Series Five. This consisted of the episodes The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone. I loved the first episode, and I enjoyed the last two episodes following that, but these episodes were beyond excellent. They were action packed, with amazing acting, and got scary as all hell at times. Not only was the bad ass factor of the whole show raised by a factor of eleven (ho ho get it?), but a new villain for the Doctor has been cemented as being, in my humble opinion, as legendary in a level equal to that of the Daleks and The Master. The Weeping Angels are probably my favorite villains not only re-introduced, but in regards to the whole of Doctor Who.

Topics of Conversation: Drinking the Koolaid, “I Am the Kook,” pipe dreams, the second time around, big tea, toothpicks and making out, getting a thigh, Do You Want a F**king Adventure?!, etc.


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