Monday, May 10, 2010

The Healing Properties of Vast Amounts of Alcohol

Woke up late. Didn’t mean to. But I did it anyway. Argh.

I headed to Comics Unlimited to drop off Lainey’s birthday card and to pick up Batman & Robin. It was a ridiculous Star Wars thumbs card, but I figured Lainey wouldn’t hate it, and maybe, just maybe, would be amused by it. I was in a rush, so I ran in, and pretty much ran out after chatting with Lainey and Mark for a bit. Gabe (a former employee of the shop) was there. Huh. I feel bad, because I rarely run into the fellow. Hopefully I’ll see him around some more.
I headed to Norwalk and did the job thing.

After Norwalk, I headed to Bobby and Gina’s place for a little party they were throwing for Gina’s birthday. (See? May is a busy month). Apparently the theme was an Island theme, but I had not received the memo. Oops. Oh well, I had just gotten out of work, so I figured I wouldn’t have been able to throw together much of a theme.

As the night progressed, tragedy struck. Justin, Bobby, myself, and some other party attendees were on the balcony of the apartment when we heard two loud *POP* sounds from the exit of the apartment parking lot. Somebody had tried to enter the complex from the exit, which the gate was wide open for some reason. And going in the wrong direction led… right into the spike strip. Two of there tires popped and we saw the car have to pull off to the side.

Some of the drunker members of the party started to slow clap and call out “Uh Oh!” I, being sober, held off from any such reactions. Which was a good thing, because the driver of the car turned out to be a friend of Bobby’s, who had come for the party, and got two popped cars instead.


We helped him out, and we all agreed that he deserved a beer or twenty. We were soon laughing off the incident with him. Thank god for the healing properties of vast amounts of alcohol.

The night went on for while, until I had to head home for some sleep. I had work in the morning, and would need to be at least 85% awake to operate efficiently.

Topics of Conversation @ Comics Unlimited & the party: Cheesecake, birthdays, early mornings, beard competitions, fresh water dolphins, night elves, waiting till you hear something racist, gentle indoctrination, downhill rafting, the unfortunate name of the a-hole boyfriend, etc.


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