Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Good Place for Pontificating

Today got changed a lot. Not sure what it was supposed to be, but it felt different by the end of it.

I mostly wanted to be alone for 80% of it. Who knows why I get all solitude hungry, but the taste gets in my mouth, and I want to disappear for a while. What made today odd, was that I didn’t want to be alone in my room with the lights off, a la emo goth kid. I actually wanted to go somewhere with people around, I just wanted them to be strangers so they wouldn’t actually want to talk to me.

I sent a quick text to a few people to ask where they liked to disappear to, but I added the extra criteria of not home and had access to power. I got a lot of “Starbucks” and “Borders” which was cool, but not what I was hoping for. They weren’t bad suggestions at all, and I knew I was being vague, but I wanted a certain atmosphere.

And that’s when I remembered the Veronese in Fullerton.

The Veronese was a house near UC Fullerton. It had been converted into a coffee spot by some industrious people, who also wanted it to look spiffy. “Spiffy” being eclectic furniture, yard, and settings. Its actually a very nice, quiet place to hang out at and think, read, write, or pontificate. Pontificating is very popular with the college crowd.

I like the place a lot, and figured that would be the best place to just be at. The prices are on the high side of the spectrum, but I look at it as a donation to maintaining such a nice atmosphere. What can I say? My inner hipster is addicted to the place.

Carissa, a friend I met at the Anaheim Comic Con, joined me later in the evening to chat and check out the place. It was a good night, and I got home feeling tranquil. I think tranquility is underrated.

Topics of Conversation @ The Veronese: Tough on the soul, the Strawberry Festival, the casket store across the street, blackmail, many things I think, health insurance scam, finding the right person to tell off, complicated tangents of varying importance, etc.


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