Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free Comic Book Day

Today was a day well in the making. It was Free Comic Book Day. And I had been looking forward to this almost as much as a geek could without getting a nosebleed. Yes, perhaps a bit… feverishly. I had even made a Facebook event page that had beat Nancy to the punch.

The plan was that I would treat this as a whole day event. Not only were Justin, Victor, and Patrick coming in for FCBD, but I had some new friends that I had made at the Anaheim Comic Con coming in: Jon, Carissa, Jimmy, Shawn, and Katie. I wanted to hang out with everybody. Throw in wanting to be able to talk to Mark, Nancy, Lainey, and Denise, and my dance card wasn’t just full, but I was starting to write in the margins.

On top of this Katie and Jon brought some peeps of their own.

ROLL CALL!: Juandel, George, Jamie, Anny, and Eddie!

FCBD had some signings from the Sullen Grey creative team, and since one of the artists had drawn a special issue of Shrek for Free Comic Book Day, they had a cool signing going on. The turn out for the shop was very impressive, and I was happy to see the store was very busy every time I either looked up from getting a caricature of me getting drawn or when I was talking nonsense with my friends.

Hunger eventually overtook us, and my crew wanted some pho. So I, Patrick, Victor, Carissa, Katie, Jon, Eddie, George, Anny, Jaime, and Juandel journeyed to nearby Little Saigon. We ate at a place called Pho 79, and the food wasn’t too bad. I liked the fried rice I ordered. After eating, we headed back to the shop to reconvene and let those that needed to take off do so.

The next plan turned into karaoke. Patrick suggested Ding Dong Dang up on Garden Grove boulevard. Carissa had to take off, but everyone else was game. We got a little lost getting there, but eventually found ourselves at the karaoke joint.

We all sang for over 3 hours. Pretty friggin’ crazy. I sang Buttercup, and even felt I owned it a little. Jon and his posse took off half-way through the karaoke list, and we finished the night at Denny’s. Jamie was really in a mood for ice cream… until we got there. Then she revealed she didn’t really care for ice cream.

I would like to clarify that Jamie asked for ice cream over 5 times.

ANYWAYS, Denny’s was pretty good, and we ended the night on some good laughs.

Topics of Conversation @ Free Comic Book Day: Pho, cupcakes, curfews, Power Girl’s creepy eyes, Ding Dong Dang, pimping out my friends, herding cats, pictures of ridiculous cuteness, ice cream, eating Shrek’s face, Victor’s magic trick concerning kryptonite, Lois Lane: Centaur, the “fake High School” experiment, etc.


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