Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Can Be Very Long-Winded

I didn’t have very much going on today, so I headed over to Comics Unlimited to catch up on the run that I hadn’t been able to partake of on Wednesday. As it turned out, Lainey was running the shop all by her lonesome, so she was happy to have company. We were quickly joined by a fellow by the name of Kris and we talked about anything and everything.

Patrick called me later, and we agreed to grab lunch/dinner at Jonny Rocket’s in the Bella Terra. We met up and ate some burgers and talked assistant work and anything else that came to our minds. Victor called a bit later, and we met up at Peet’s Coffee. He was hungry by the time we met up with him, and we decided to eat at Island’s, even though Patrick and I had already eaten earlier. I ended up only buying a soda and kicking back.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Justin caught up with us at Island’s and we decided to shoot the sh*t at the Bella Terra terrace. It was pretty cold, which made the night start to wear down on me at one point. So much so that I started to drift off a little. I figured that was the point that I should call it a night.

Topics of Conversation @ Comics Unlimited & Bella Terra: Doctor Who crush, fear of light, the difference between “brick” and “eating it,” extra money on CraigsList, some kind of saurus, WETA legs, geek embarassment, Ke$ha vs. Michael Jackson, etc.


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