Friday, April 16, 2010

Anaheim Comic Con - Day 02: More Swag Bags

I made a deal with my Dad so that he could drop me off at the Con. That way, I didn’t have to pay for parking. He agreed, because he’s cool like that. I entered the Con, which was now alive and kicking. I stared at the DeLorean with loving eyes. And I took a deep breath.

After which…

I should remember what happened the rest of the day. I should. But I don’t. And I was just there. But it was a bunch of urgently getting things done. And at some point I ate a sandwich, before which I helped unload an entire pallet full of desperately-needed bottled water. I recognized Mark Lutz, the guy who played the Groosalugg in Angel. I handed out a friggin’ ton of Swag Bags.

I did meet some more new volunteers. Again, the bonding moment was the SWAG Bag assembly. There’s a magic in those bags, I think.

(and others, please don't be annoyed at me)

I also saw Adam West in person. He’s looking older, but he sounds fantastic.

Topics of Conversation @ The Con: Scientific curiosity concerning lesbians, the infinite sadness of the D-list celebrity, Disney memories, Belgium, Verne Troyer being smaller than we had all thought, nicknames of infamy, etc.


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