Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Want a Dragon, Dammit!

I was late to the very thing that I didn’t want to be late to. Very annoying. What’s going on with me? I used to be the dude that hated being late. I absolutely HATED keeping anyone waiting. Now I let myself get distracted. Now I let my mind wander. Now I’m spending way too much of this blog on my being late.

I was late for meeting up with Aaron, Amy, and Patrick to watch How To Train Your Dragon (3D). By the time I got there, they had already eaten, and were in line for tickets. That worked out fairly well. After getting tickets, I grabbed a sandwich at Great Steakery. I ate half of it at the food court, and took the other half inside the theater.

How To Train Your Dragon is actually honestly good. It has beautiful animation, with excellent voice acting. And the story isn’t too bad, if a little by the numbers. But they tell that story perfectly. The designs were excellent for not only the dragons, but the humans as well. And the 3D was integrated beautifully. It really pulled you into the flick. I ended up completely loving every flying sequence and everything that had anything to do with the dragons. But I also loved all the quiet moments. They were handled great.

Watch How To Train Your Dragon and love going to movies again.

After the movie, we headed to Amy’s to watch some more episodes of Buffy, where Justin joined us. After two episodes, Patrick had to leave for home, only to have a surprise appearance by Quincy almost as soon as he left! Today had been planned as a mega episode watching block. And we succeeded. We watched four episodes! Surprise, Innocence, Phases, a quick run to 5 Guys Burger And Fries for dinner, and then we ended the block with Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewildered.

Aaron was feeling really sick, so Amy took him home. Justin, Quincy, and myself headed out to Starbucks to keep hanging out and talking. The rain started to pick up, so we headed to Justin’s. We covered a huge amount of territory, even going so far as to inspire a new goal for myself. I still have to iron out the kinks, but I left for home feeling energized.

This was a great Sunday!

Topics of Conversation @ Long Beach Town Center & Amy’s & Starbucks & Justin’s: Cat-like dragons, Godzilla Park, His Name Is Giles, trying to make consistent content, YouTube phenoms, Dalek vacuum cleaners, skin creases, women as alcohol, truly organic web shooters, cheese sticks, Tim the sickly Doctor Who kid, my Pokemon lineup, getting life in order, hot button topics, the beauty of randomness, etc.


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