Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Posters and Breezes

Woke up. I helped my dad assemble a shelf from Ikea, and then went the extra mile in putting in the screws and installing it on the wall. It looks nice, and it was nice to be handy for a bit, if only for an hour of fooling myself.

I then headed out to work at Norwalk. Today was going to be the first City Council Meeting with the new Mayor. It was also packed to the gills with people and plans that needed to be dealt with. And the controversial revoking of a Planning Commission member. Who knew what was going to be brought up and fought out.

One cool thing that came out of today was my receiving two posters courtesy of Mike Persi! The dude was already firmly entrenched in the “Awesome People” category, and just added some extra credit. The posters were an Iron Man 2 poster with both Iron Man and War Machine, and a Kick Ass poster with Kick Ass, Red Mist, Big Daddy, and Hit Girl. It was a good day for Nate.

The City Council Meeting was just as awkward as we had figured it would be. And it went for over an hour, which was pretty long, but not for the amount of material covered.
After the meeting, Karmin, Mike, and myself lounged around for a bit and shot the breeze in style.

Topics of Conversation @ Norwalk: 4 persons or 4 percent?, the maroon suit, the man with the eye patch, why everyone needs at least 5 pairs of shoes, 18th Century moustaches, a Death Metal cover of “The Rhythm is Going to Get You,” letting people into my brain, how to eat your metaphorical pretzel, etc.


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