Thursday, April 29, 2010

In My Brain & Off the Net

Only one thing was planned today, and it turned out pretty good. I hope it can be repeated with even more fun.

It was a date.

Yes, I know, that’s the kind of stuff that would normally be splashed everywhere on a blog. Especially my blabber-mouth journal. But hey, sorry, folks, them’s the breaks. Some stuff will remain in my brain and off the net.

I will say that the girl in question was funny, cute, and definitely doing me a favor going out with me. No matter what the future holds in store, she’s an amazing lady and hope springs eternal blah blah blah.

Great night!

Topics of Conversation: Cliffhangers, bowling, delays that are needed, the “Hey! Look at that tree!” distraction, embarrassment, the points don’t matter, culinary critiques in one sound, crappy teaching methods, being candid, home life in the hizzay, etc.


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